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Wichita Senior Realtors

The only time when moving can be a pleasure is when an individual is moving to a fantastic new home, where everything in the new place is far much better than where he or she is moving from. However, even with the above move, there is still a lot of hassle and stress involved. Now, think how hard it must be for a senior citizen to move to a smaller place after going through a painful downsizing. Seniors require special attention and care when moving houses, care that only a senior real estate specialist can offer.

What Makes A Senior Realtor Unique From Other Realtors?

An already qualified realtor can earn a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation through sitting for courses offered by the National Association of Realtors, or become a Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) by the Seniors Real Estate Institute. Realtors who want to provide exceptional services earn both designations.

Who Are The Senior Realtors Customers?

As the name suggests, a senior realtor is a real estate professional who deals with clients over the age of 50 years wishing to sell their homes, buy new homes, or deal with every aspect related to home ownership.

When Do You Call Senior Real Estate Professionals In Wichita?

It is important to call a senior realtor as soon as a senior needs to buy or sell a house. Senior realtors understand the desires and financial limitations that seniors often have, and they have the relevant training to help seniors work everything out within their budget.

You should call a senior realtor as soon as possible because they can help throughout the downsizing and relocation process. Seniors often have to downsize because they will move to much smaller homes and their relocation to a senior community will be emotional; senior realtors know how to handle such situations.

Senior realtors help seniors discover financial instruments that seniors can use that they might not necessarily have used before. Senior realtors help seniors tap equity from reverse mortgage.

Seniors can call senior realtors even when they are not planning on moving to a senior community, but to customize their homes to meet their ever-changing physical abilities. These professionals know the best people to install wheelchair ramps, safety grab bars, lifts, and other senior-friendly modifications.

A senior together with his or her family will need assistance from attorneys, CPAs, social workers, and other professionals; senior realtors connect the family to the above professionals.

Where Can You Find A Wichita Senior Realtor Specialist?

Wichita is a great city for seniors to live in, thanks to the numerous services and amenities available for all ages and the ease of access to the same. Some of the leading senior real estate agents in Wichita include:

Senior Real Estate Institute's Certified Senior Housing Professionals (CSHP) such as Marie Stewart of Sterling Realty Professionals LLC is a great senior realtor to work with.

Linda Bernat is one of the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) in Wichita who happens to be an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR); professionals who help buyers make their first purchase.

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