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Wichita Senior Centers

Wichita is one of the best cities in Kansas that a senior can choose to live in, with the low cost of living in the city being one of the best things. Wichita's residents love it because it has the coolest city landmark, it is the air capital of the world, and it is the childhood home of SmallVille's Clark Kent/Superman. This friendly and culture-rich city is great for seniors, thanks to the wide range of options available for them.

Where Seniors Can Play Games In Wichita

Seniors in Wichita have the opportunity to bond with friends and family on a regular basis playing board games. Those who are regulars at the Sedgwick County Extension Center know about the Free Family Board Game Night, where every Friday people of all ages can learn and participate in fun board games. Chapel Hill Church has a great seniors program that organizes fun game nights every third Friday of the month at the fellowship hall, where all seniors are invited to attend.

The Best Learning Places For Seniors

When some people think of seniors, they think about old people who need help to do everything and do not have the need to learn anything new, which is a huge misconception. Seniors in Wichita love learning new things and even attending classes and educational courses in the various seniors centers. Also, seniors above the age of 60 who want to become auditors in any academic course can enroll at Wichita State University and not need to pay student fee or tuition fees.

Places Where Seniors Go To Stay Fit

Wichita has numerous places where seniors can visit and receive fitness training suitable for their age and health situation. The Wichita YMCA has an Ageless Living program that helps seniors to cultivate a healthy and fit lifestyle while taking those that suffer from various health conditions such as Cerebral Palsy, Arthritis, and Muscular Dystrophy through exercises fit for them. 24 Hour Fitness has a special fitness program for seniors in Wichita that includes water aerobics and the elderly group fitness programs.

Seniors Stage Performances In Wichita

Seniors who do not have stage fright can sign up to be part of the Joyful Noise Senior Adult Choir, which is one of the choirs in the Metropolitan Baptist Church. Concerning dancing, The Eldercare Channel is a great place for seniors to learn how to dance, and they get to dance together with their grandchildren. These activities make the seniors active doing the things that they love doing with their peers and loved ones.

Wichita Seniors Meeting Places

Wichita has great places where seniors get to meet each other and interact, most of them being in the senior centers and recreational centers. The Senior Services, Inc. of Wichita has four multi-purpose centres throughout Wichita where seniors can engage in various activities.

Wichita Seniors Travelling Clubs

The best way for seniors to travel within and outside Kansas is in groups, where they get to visit places of their choice, at their pace, and using their most preferred means. Tour companies such as Sunrise Tours organize such trips, whereas companies such as Prudent Tours provide luxury coaches for the senior groups.

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