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Wichita Hospitals

Wichita seniors require regular care in order to maintain their health. With age comes a number of new health concerns that need to be monitored closely. A geriatrician is available at many hospitals to provide the required care, including therapy options, joint replacement, and long-term placements.

Via Christi Hospital St. Francis

Via Christi Hospital St. Francis offers a wide range of programs and centers that make up its health care unit. Seniors can head to the corresponding centers that meet their needs. This often includes the cancer center for those suffering from a cancerous disease, or the chest pain center for those with heartburn, chest pain, and severe heart struggles. There is also a Cardiac Rehabilitation area where exercise is key in improving heart strength.

The Joint Replacement Center is another common place for seniors to visit. Hip and knee replacements are common with old age. Many also experience arthritis that causes severe joint pain. Medication is typically administered in this circumstance.

Wesley Medical Center

Upwards of 700 beds are available for patients at Wesley Medical Center. It is one of the best places for seniors to go when they have an emergency situation, as the wait time is typically minimal. Those that have suffered a fall or were otherwise injured should seek help immediately so treatment can begin and the underlying cause can be determined.

Orthopedic Care is a typical place to find seniors. Falls are often caused by bones and joints that are degenerating. Hip replacements are a common surgery performed because of this as are knee replacements. Arthritis is also a culprit.

Via Christi Clinic Immediate Care

Via Christi Clinic Immediate Care offers specialists in a number of fields, including geriatrics. Several locations are also available so residents can head to the nearest one. There are options in West Wichita, East Wichita, and Newton. Senior care can be provided at home as well as several physicians make house calls. This is ideal for those with limited mobility.

Memory care, skilled nursing care, assisted living, and independent living are all included. Several long-term care campuses are available to meet the various needs of individuals.

Legend Senior Living

Nursing care is available at Legend Senior Living. Nurses and physicians skilled in the field of geriatrics work at this facility and provide regular care to residents. Physical wellbeing and emotional health are supported at this facility. Registered nurses are available 24 hours a day so residents can receive assistance as soon as it is needed.

Various therapies are also offered. These include speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Each of these options helps seniors regain strength and control when possible. There are regular health assessments performed to determine the level of care required for each person.

Searching for Wichita Physicians That Offer Geriatric Care

Wesley Healthcare provides a valuable search tool for patients looking for a specific specialist. Seniors can use the tool to find physicians who offer geriatric care in Wichita. Choose the browse by specialty option and click on “Geriatric Medicine” for improved results.

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