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Wichita Hospice Care

As care providers, we try to do all that we can to bring comfort to our aging loved ones. Yet, what about the times that we aren’t able to give them the care that they need?

When seniors reach the end of their life and it becomes understood that additional treatments or medications won’t treat the disease, we want to see our elderly loved ones spend their last days as comfortable as possible. For that, there are hospice care providers.

Your Hospice Care Team

Hospice care can be provided both at home and at a senior living facility. Regardless of where you are looking for hospice care services to be performed, you’ll want to develop a team that meets all of your needs.

First and foremost, the senior’s doctor should be the leader of the team. As someone experienced in the diseases and illnesses that the senior is dealing with, they can best understand the care that is needed to manage pain and comfort. The doctor can work alongside a team of nurses, home health aides, and a hospice doctor to deliver the necessary level of medical care.

Hospice isn’t just about maintaining a medicine regimen or reducing pain. If the senior would like to spend their days at home, they will usually need round-the-clock care for things like bathing, feeding, and keeping the house in order. While the family, friends, or neighbors may pick up where they can, a hospice team may also need homemaking aides or volunteers. A homemaking aide can help the senior cook, clean, and complete chores. Many hospice providers also utilize volunteers, who can help with things like grocery shopping or running errands.

In addition to support for medical and personal care needs, a hospice team usually includes an emotional support system. This may come in the form of social workers, counselors, and the clergy.

Selecting a Hospice Service in Wichita

Before deciding on a hospice care provider in Wichita, discuss the needs of the situation with the senior’s doctor. Having a conversation about the need for hospice care can not only point you in the right direction for selecting a praised and highly regarded service, but you can also outline all the specific needs you will need in a hospice provider.

If the senior is a veteran, they may qualify for hospice care from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Other individuals can browse for additional hospice resources.

Paying for Wichita Hospice Care

The worry about paying for hospice care should not prevent you from seeking their services. Thankfully, many hospice providers take most private health insurances, as well as Medicare. Most insurers will only cover what is necessary for the senior, which usually does not include any exploratory treatments or additional medications designed to treat the disease.

Before selecting a hospice care provider, discuss payment options and what your insurer will cover. Having the conversation upfront can help you avoid unexpected payments.

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