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Wichita Aging In Place

Seniors deserve the right to decide where and how they would like to age and for the majority, staying in their own homes is their preference. Just because you’re getting older or having a harder time getting around your home doesn’t mean you have to leave because there has been a growth of in-home care services. Some of the most common are homemakers that make sure your house is taken care of and home health aides that make sure you and your health are taken care of. Whether you live in the heart of Wichita or a quiet neighborhood, you can find many of these services.

Paying For Services

There is a good chance that you won’t have to pay for these services out-of-pocket. If your doctor has stated that in order to safely reside in your home you need care, you have a few options for reimbursement. Low-income seniors can look to Medicaid benefits to help cover the costs while veterans can look to their VA assistance and pensions. Long-term care insurance is another option and if you already have a policy you should check to see what is covered. The Kansas Commission on Aging has a Senior Care Act that allows seniors who need in-home care assistance with the cost.

The Cost Of Services

Looking at the national average ($3,800) for both homemakers and home health aides can help give a general idea of the cost of these types of services. This cost will depend largely on your location, the kind of care you need, and how frequently you need it.

The averages in Wichita are pretty much right in line with the national averages with homemaker services costing about $3, 813 per month and home health aides costing $3,886 per month. Now keep in mind that this is just an average cost and you can find services that are both higher and lower than these prices.

Looking For A Provider

Always do your research when you are looking for in-home care. Ask friends, neighbors, family members, your doctor, and other colleagues if they have any suggestions on service providers in your area. You can also check the Better Business Bureau of Greater Kansas City to see user reviews for businesses as well as read business reports and ratings.

After the initial research, start asking questions for each company. Make sure they have the proper licensing, insurance, and see if they are bonded. Ask about their employees and if they do background checks. Find out if they have preferred payment options or plans and how they handle their scheduling. Once you choose a place, carefully read through any contract or terms of agreement before signing.

More Home Care Options

You don’t have to rely on homemakers or home health aides exclusively and one of the joys of aging in place is being able to customize your services and care plans. You can find a wide variety of providers on the internet and use a combination of services that fit your needs.

Check out if you have pets and need help with their care, look into Handy for housecleaning services, TaskRabbit and are also good places to find help with daily chores or errands. If your house needs more than just cleaning, say repairs to make it more accessible to you, look to or Amazon Home Services. Make sure you feel totally comfortable with these providers before you let them into your home.

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