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Medicaid in Wichita

A large number of seniors in Wichita rely on help from Medicaid to pay for their care. In the state of Kansas, more than two-thirds of care provided by nursing homes, as well as a significant portion of adult day care, medical transport, in-home medical care, and hospice services are subsidized by Medicaid. If you’re trying to determine whether or not you might qualify for support from the program, check out this general overview on Medicaid in the Wichita area.

Who qualifies to receive benefits with Kansas Medicaid?

The Kansas Medicaid program is available to seniors ages 65 and above as well as adults with long-term disabilities. In the case of long-term disability, the person will also need to meet the qualifications of a diagnosis expected to last a year or more, and they will require 30 or more days of continuous medical care. In addition, applicants will need to have limited assets, not including their home, and a low-income to qualify for the program.

What is the best way to apply for Medicaid?

Logging into the KanCare website to fill out an application for assistance from Medicaid in the state of Kansas. You can check your eligibility, submit a new application, or access your health care benefits from the site.

If you would prefer to visit your local office for assistance with your application, you can go to the DCF Office for Sedgwick County at 2601 S. Oliver Street or call them at (316) 337-7000.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has also produced this helpful guide to Kansas Medical Assistance for the elderly and people with a disability.

An additional resource for Kansas seniors is the Senior Medical Patrol (SMP). This organization was developed by the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services to help seniors manage their Medicaid, and to reduce fraud, abuse, and scams. You can reach the organization by calling toll-free 800-432-3535 for assistance or to report any suspected fraud.

What services does Medicaid cover in Wichita?

KanCare covers the cost of standard medical care for Wichita seniors. The care includes visits to doctors, hospitals and dentists as well as medications, x-rays, and needed lab work. If a senior has an illness or disease that requires medical care in their home, adult day care, long-term care in a facility, or the use of hospice, they may also receive financial assistance from Medicaid.

It is important to choose a provider that is Medicaid approved and accepts Medicaid insurance. You can check to see if the nursing home or adult day care program is registered with the state here, and be sure to ask when touring the facility if they accept Medicaid.

Medical Appointment Driving Services in Wichita

Transportation providers who are approved through KMAP can be contracted to drive seniors in Wichita to and from their medical appointments. In the area, there are a number of options, including Royal Chariot Transportation or The American Red Cross. All trips need to be pre-approved by Medicaid, and services should be scheduled a few days in advance.

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