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Washington, D.C. Senior Movers and Downsizers

After retirement, you may be considering moving to a smaller home or into an assisted living community in the Washington, D.C. area to save money and stretch your retirement dollars. If you are feeling overwhelmed and burdened, with the thought of sorting and packing years of possessions, consider using the service of senior movers and downsizers.

What Senior Move Specialists and Downsizers Can Do For You

Senior move managers (SMMs) can take care of all of the necessary tasks of moving, including transferring the utility services and arranging for moving sales, estate sales, and donation giveaways. A SMM will walk with you and catalog your belongings, clarifying what items you want to keep and which ones to giveaway or pass down to your children or grandchildren. Decluttering is the first task. The senior moving specialists will pack your items and coordinate the move.

The SMM may draw up floor plans of your new home to make sure your furniture will fit. After the move, the SMM will help you unpack and place your items where they are accessible. Large collections that will not fit into a smaller space can be photographed and converted into CDs, DVDs, or made into a poster. The SMM will think of creative ways to preserve your memories without the clutter.

The Best Time to Call Downsizers and Senior Movers

The best time to call a senior moving service is before you consider moving. The SMM can relieve you of clutter and help you make decisions about the items with sentimental value. Experts advise you to call a SMM at least one month before listing your current home on the market or at the first sign of failing health.

Washington, D.C. – Area Services – Where to Find Senior Move Managers

The National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) is the only organization with trained senior move managers that are screened for insurance and experience. The NASMM hosts a database of SMMs across the country. Currently, there are 15 SMMs in the Washington, D.C. – area.

You can also find senior movers listed on the website for the Better Business Bureau for Metro Washington, D.C. and Eastern Pennsylvania. Always check a company’s reviews, ratings, and referrals before hiring them to care for your personal belongings. Your family and friends may have recommendations. If you are moving into an assisted living community or facility, check with the management to see what companies they recommend and use often.

What It Costs to Use a Senior Move Manager

The cost for senior moving services will vary depending on the tasks you need completed and location. Hourly rates can range between $40 and $125 per hour. Packages range in price from as little as $300 to thousands of dollars if you choose to use all of the services offered. Oat companies will give an up-front quote right away to help you make a budget-conscious decision. To save money, you could hire the SMM to only perform the tasks you know you will need help with, like decluttering.

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