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Washington, D.C. Rehab Centers

Every year, nursing homes play host to patients on short-term rehab treatment, a percentage that usually revolves around 30%. Nursing homes are a popular choice for most people because they are a very affordable option compared to hospitals and they offer relatively the same quality care a patient would receive in a hospital.

The most frequent rehab attendants in nursing homes are individuals who have gone through traumatic experiences such as strokes, heart attacks, accidents, or illnesses, and the like. When your doctor prescribes rehab care, here is what you can expect:

What Goes On In A Rehab?

Rehab care is the type of care an individual receives after going through a traumatic experience to restore them to their previous physical, emotional, and mental state. Therefore, rehab care has a lot to do with restoration and after restoration, a patient only needs to go home and resume their daily routine.

Upon arrival to a rehab, caregivers will assess an individual's health and condition to determine whether the facility has the means to provide sufficient care for the patient. Then, the caregivers come up with a daily care plan for each patient because each patient has unique needs.

Which Are The Best Rehabs In Washington?

Most of the assisted living facilities and nursing homes have rehabs ideal for caring for seniors and other people in need of rehab services. The easiest way to identify the best rehab is to search for the senior communities offering rehabilitation on Here are some examples:

Brinton Woods Health and Rehabilitation Center of Washington, D.C. – This rehab has highly trained caregivers who treat their patients with the greatest care possible.

Forest Hills of DC – This rehab has a full-time therapist who offers patients exceptional physical, speech, and occupational therapy.

The Residences at Thomas Circle – This rehab makes use of the highest quality of nursing care to restore its residents to great health.

You can ask your doctor, a friend, neighbors, or other people who have ever been to or benefited from high-quality rehab care to share their experience with you. An online search of the reviews of particular rehabs would also help to give you a better idea of what to expect from a specific rehab.

What You Must Look Out For Before Signing Up For A Particular Rehab

The signs to look for in determining whether you are at the right rehab include the rehab having:

A positive reputation and positive inspection track record.

Specific programs designed to meet patient needs.

Outpatient therapy and physician services.

Staff and skilled physicians available at all times.

Therapy for patients as often as their condition dictated.

The Most Popular Ways To Pay For Rehab Care In Washington?

Medicare: Medicare Part A is a great way of having the government pay part of your senior loved one's rehab care bill, but a patient has to meet the requirements to gain meaningful benefits.

Medicaid: Is a government sponsored healthcare program for low-income individuals. You have to qualify for this as well.

Other common ways of paying for rehab services include private insurance, borrowing from financial institutions, using up your savings, and appealing for a grant from the government.

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