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Washington, D.C. Hospitals

Hospitals and geriatricians in Washington, D.C. are available to provide senior care to older adults. Health care is important at this stage in life, when the body is becoming more and more fragile. Bones are broken easily, joints experience pain, and even memory starts to malfunction. Receiving care for these troubles can help improve overall quality of life.

George Washington University Hospital

The George Washington University Hospital offers a number of important health services. The GW Digestive Disorder Center is a common place for seniors to visit. It focuses on diagnosis and treatment of gastroenterological organs. Cardiac Surgery is another common site for seniors, as many experience severe chest pain and heart troubles. An alternative option is Weight Loss Surgery, where overweight patients looking to improve their quality of life can reduce the burden on their body.

MedStar Washington Hospital Center

A Geriatrics and Medical House Call Program is offered through MedStar Washington Hospital Center. The program is nationally recognized. Both doctors and nurse practitioners take turns making house calls. They check vital signs and assess any developing needs. Patients may even have their medical equipment and medications delivered right to their door thanks to this program. It allows seniors who desperately need care to receive it, even though they cannot make it to a hospital or clinic on their own.

A mobile health record is kept in these situations. It allows the physician to see the health data of each patient no matter where he or she is located. Additional services are also coordinated, including home health aides, respite care, financial assistance, and in-home support.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

Sibley Memorial Hospital is part of John Hopkins Medicine. Services began in 1890 and have grown exponentially. Nutrition services are offered during each patient’s stay. A menu is available in all rooms, where patients can choose their meal options for the day and place a call to have it delivered.

The hospital partners with other facilities to provide senior care and long-term options to older adults. The affiliated assisted living facility is Grand Oaks. It offers a luxurious setting with quality medical care. Suburban Hospital is also partnered with Sibley, offering assistance with Potomac Home Health Care.

Downtown Clusters Geriatric Day Care Center

The Geriatric Day Care Center of Downtown Clusters includes various programs. Overall, the programs are intended to keep seniors busy during the day while their caregivers are away. Recreational and movement therapy are two options. There is also a Health and Wellness program that focuses more on physical health. Seniors are taught appropriate ways to prevent injuries and are encouraged to exercise and become more active in keeping themselves healthy.

Washington, D.C. Geriatrician Search

Seniors in Washington DC can perform a geriatrician search online. This will help them narrow down the local geriatricians and determine which one best meets their needs. The GW Medical Faculty Associates offers a full list of geriatric doctors. Providence Hospital also offers a “Find a Provider” search where site users can search by specialty and location.

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