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Washington DC Hospice Care

One of the biggest feelings that comes with approaching the end of life is fear. Whether we’re concerned about what is coming next or are just unsure of what care is needed, the use of hospice services can help to mitigate some of those fears.

A hospice care provider helps to transition you and your family through the last stages of life. Whether that is through medical support, emotional encouragement, or just picking up in areas that the family may be struggling in, a team of hospice providers can help make the difficult time a little easier.

Hospice Care Providers

The needs of a senior as they reach the end of life will look different for each person. It is necessary that they take a look at their needs and assemble a quality team of hospice service providers. Here are some of the individuals that can become a major team member.

Primary Doctor: Your doctor is going to need to explain your medical needs and previous history with your hospice team.

Hospice Doctor: With the help of your primary doctor, a hospice doctor will create a plan to be carried out during your time with hospice.

Nurses & Home Health Aides: Following the orders of the primary doctor and hospice doctor, your nurses and home health aides will help to monitor your health, administer medications, and perform necessary therapies or treatments.

Homemaking Aides: If your family needs additional support with chores around the home, a homemaking aide can be added to the hospice care team.

Social Workers & Counselors: For emotional support, questions, or just guidance through the difficult time, a hospice care team can include social workers and counselors.

Volunteers: Many hospice providers take advantage of trained volunteers who like to help hospice families by performing errands, going grocery shopping, or even respite care.

Additional members of a hospice team will include family members, neighbors, church members and the clergy.

Finding the Right Hospice Care Provider

There are dozens of hospice providers offered in the Washington, D.C. area. Before selecting the right one for you and your family, you will want to do extensive research on the organization’s services, offerings, and values.

Individuals who are veterans may qualify for hospice services offered by the VA. Those interested in remaining close to their faith can use churches or their religious community to connect with a hospice provider that fits their needs. Additional resources on hospice providers in the Washington, D.C. area can browse

Paying for Washington, D.C. Hospice Care

Hospice services are usually covered by private health insurance plans or Medicare. If you are relying on your insurer to pay for your hospice care, be sure to discuss your plan and your needs before agreeing to a particular service.

It is also important to remember that insurance will only cover services necessary to maintaining comfort and reducing pain. If you would like any experimental treatments or additional medications aimed at treating your illness, it may be an out-of-pocket expense.

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