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Medicare in Washington, D.C.

In Washington County, there are over 27,000 individuals who received Medicare benefits in 2014, and the majority were seniors. If you’re gathering information for yourself or a loved one on the program, the area has many local and online resources available. Whether you’re searching for coverage details, or participating providers like doctors, nursing homes, or hospitals, there’s a place that can help in Washington, D.C.

Medicare ABC and D

Medicare is insurance coverage available to seniors in the US ages 65 and older. There are some younger adults who may also qualify for the program if they have specific health conditions and meet all the criteria. The program is administered in four parts: Medicare A, B, C, and D. Part A insures inpatient care provided in a hospital, home health and skilled nursing care that meets specific criteria, and hospice care. Part B insures the majority of physician visits, well checks, medical supplies, and several types of outpatient services. Part C is an option that allows seniors to choose a Medicare Advantage plan that is administered through a third-party who will privately cover their Parts A and B, and may offer prescription drug benefits as part of the plan. Part D insures prescription medications and is available as an add-on to the standard coverage.

Washington, D.C.-Medicare beneficiary statistics for the county

Washington County had 26,770 individuals using Medicare as insurance in 2014. The average age of Medicare recipients in 2014 in Washington County was 72. 41% of Washington County Medicare expenditures were on inpatient care. 9% of Washington County Medicare expenditures were on home healthcare. 3 percent of Washington County Medicare expenditures were on skilled nursing care.

Washington, D.C. Medicare services- locations and online tools

Washington, D.C. is the home to the Center for Medicare Services (CMS), and their central office in the city is located at 200 Independence Ave., S.W. Seniors also have the option of visiting local Social Security Administration offices for assistance applying for benefits and with questions on the program and their coverage. You can locate an office near you by searching by zip code here or by calling 1-800-772-1213 for assistance.

How to locate providers who accept Medicare in Washington, D.C.

Utilize Medicare’s online Physician Compare tool to conduct a search for providers who accept patients with Medicare in Washington DC. As an example, a search for doctors with a geriatric specialty within 10 miles of the Washington, D.C. area reveals over 40 options who participate in the fee-for-service program with Medicare, and nearly 50 who accept Medicare patients in general. If we update that query to doctors in a family practice, there are over 300 results in a 10-mile radius. Doctors who participate in the fee-for-service program will accept the Medicare assigned rate for services and will not charge patients anything extra on top of any deductibles and coinsurance. Doctors not in the program, but who still accept Medicare, may have additional fees.

By using the Medicare search feature you’ll be able to do side-by-side comparisons of doctors within the same practice to see things like their contact details, the locations where they have hospital privileges, and whether or not they’re part of the fee-for-service program. Soon, you’ll also be able to compare doctors in other practices as well. If you’re looking for information on other Medicare-friendly providers like nursing homes, hospitals, dialysis centers, home healthcare services, or medical equipment and supplies, you can find them through the user-friend search tools on the site too.

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