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Medicaid in Washington, D.C.

DC Medicaid is a health care program that will pay for medical services for certain, pre-qualified individuals. For those who are eligible for full Medicaid services, it will pay for health care providers including pharmacies, hospitals and doctors who have enrolled in the DC Medicaid program.

For many seniors, the only way they can receive the health care services they need is with Medicaid. As of May of 2015 in Washington D.C., there were 255,268 individuals who received benefits. It is also estimated that another 21,000 in the area are eligible. If you believe you may be one of these, then learning more about how to apply and coverage information can be quite beneficial.

What qualifications must be met for Medicaid in Washington, D.C.?

In order for a senior to receive Medicaid, they must live in the D.C. area and prove they are a U.S. citizen or be able to prove their eligible immigration status. The elderly must also prove their assets, which includes savings and belongings. For individuals, they may not have belongings or assets that are valued over $4,000 and for couples, $6,000. Certain assets are automatically excluded, such as the house they currently live in.

Is there help available for Medicaid applications or claims?

When applying for Medicaid there are several ways to acquire the application. You can get one from your local Community Services Office, or request that an application is sent to you. Online, you can fill out an application for coverage at the website. Those who need assistance may also call 202-727-5355 in order to find someone who will be able to assist with the application process. Interpreter and other services are available upon request.

What is covered by Medicaid?

Once approved for Medicaid, the coverage will provide the following benefits: doctor visits, eye care, hospitalization, ambulatory surgical center, transplants, medically necessary transportation, dialysis services, dental services, hospice services, emergency ambulance services, home and community-based services, laboratory services, physician services, radiology, mental health services and medical supplies.

Travel and transport services covered by Medicaid

Medicaid also provides non-emergency transportation in the Washington D.C. area for seniors who are qualified. For those who need this service, they can call 202-263-4640. In order to qualify for this service, the individual has to live in the District and reside in a nursing home or long-term care facility. They must also currently receive Medicaid and have no way to get to their medical appointment.

In order to receive transportation services, the person has to call at least three days prior to the appointment, unless it is considered urgent. The following information must also be provided: the person’s name, Medicaid ID number, name and address of the doctor and the type of appointment.

Getting to know the information here can help you determine if you may qualify and learn how to begin the process to receive coverage. Many seniors find it possible to get the health care services they need thanks to the Medicaid program in Washington, D.C.

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