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Caregiving in Washington DC

New senior caregivers quickly become aware that there is a lot to learn about senior caregiver. It’s safe to assume that seniors may need care with certain tasks related to personal care including bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, and walking. Many seniors also need assistance with such tasks as preparing meals, grocery shopping, housework, transportation, and medical care.

Since many seniors need a vast array of services, caregivers will find help from state, local, non-profit, and private programs to fill the gaps between the services that they provide and all the services that are actually needed to provide a comprehensive and individualized program of care. Quality caregiving is just as important in the nation’s capital as it is everywhere else in the country. Following are some resources for senior caregivers and the individuals they serve in the Washington DC area.

DC Office on Aging (DCOA)

The DC Office on Aging organizes senior services by the eight neighborhood wards in Washington D.C. The DCOA has a Commission on Aging that makes recommendations about changes in services that aging D.C. citizens need. Residents may contact the local Department of Aging within their ward to access the following services and programs:

Senior Wellness Centers Adult Day Care Services In-home Support Services Recreation Services Socialization Services Transportation Services Congregate Meal and Nutrition Services Professional Training Services Residential Care Emergency Shelters Advocacy and Ombudsman Services Respite care

Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC)

The Aging and Disability Resource Center is one of the primary resources in the Washington DC area for senior caregivers. It is designed to be a single, coordinated system of information and access to long-term services and supports. Here seniors and caregivers will be able to access information about:

Benefits Options Counseling Hospital and Nursing Home Discharge Planning Long-term Care Planning Assistance DC Caregivers’ Institute (DCCI) Caregiver Live Chat Local and National Resources for the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Caregiver Lifespan Respite Olmstead Community Integration Plan

Call the ADRC directly at (202)-724-5626 to find services in your ward. The ADRC encourages caregivers to become involved.

Medical Care in Washington D.C.

Seniors who live in Washington D.C. will find a medical center or hospital in close proximity to their homes. Washington D.C. is home to more than a dozen top-ranking hospitals and medical centers in and around the Capitol area.

The city is home to MedStart Washington Hospital Center, a Level I trauma center that has a reputation for being the best and largest private hospital in the area. MedStar is a not-for-profit hospital that works in conjunction with Georgetown University School of Medicine, as a teaching school. Seniors in other areas of the city will find medical care at MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital, George Washington University Hospital, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, or one of the other notable quality hospitals.


Senior caregivers can quickly become overwhelmed with their own duties and it’s difficult to find an additional caregiver to cover duties when they can’t. is a website that makes the job of finding a caregiver easy within a particular locale. Their site features trusted reviews and advice from local residents who have used the services listed in the directory. Reviews are verified by the staff for validity. regularly updates their database for the most complete and accurate listings for in-home care, assisted living, nursing care, and dementia care. The listings include photos, reviews, costs, and reviews with verified first-person experience.

Senior caregiving may continue for many years. One of the helpful features of is that it allows you to create a confidential personal account where you can save your favorite services, subscribe to review updates for businesses, and keep current with area changes. lists 13 in-home senior caregivers. Browse the listings to get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of services for comparison. Services may be costlier in the center of the city than in outlying areas. provides ballpark estimates of what services cost so that you can plan them into budgeting. When you contract with a provider, return to the site to give them a rating and write a personal review. Quality providers always appreciate positive reviews.

Washington D.C. is a small area that is always bustling with activity and it is home to large numbers of seniors. While the D.C. area tends to have a higher cost of living than outlying areas, Medicaid may cover the cost of many of the services that your senior needs. When budgeting is tight, revisit the government services and ask for assistance in making an individualized senior plan.

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