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Virginia Beach Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Although retirement is usually described as the time of life to withdraw from work and relax into daily recreation, it doesn’t have to be. For many Virginia Beach seniors, the chance to pursue their interests while giving back to the community is a far preferable way to spend your golden years.

Volunteering is a wonderful way to enrich your life while enriching the lives of others. Keep reading to learn about brilliant volunteer opportunities in Virginia Beach.

Help Out the Schools

Virginia Beach City Public Schools are always short on funds and need all the volunteer help they can get. Academically talented seniors will be appreciated as tutors for any subject in which they are competent.

The cafeteria needs people to man the cash registers and help out in the kitchen. Senior classroom aides will allow teachers the opportunity to focus on providing an exciting and productive curriculum.

Literacy initiatives need people to encourage reading with students and help those students who are falling behind in this important skill.

The Library Needs Help

The Virginia Beach Public Library is an incredible resource for city residents and always need volunteers to help them in their core mission.

Virginia Beach seniors who enjoy interacting with younger children will love taking over story-time and transmitting the love of reading to the next generation.

Learn basic library science by helping out with reference materials and organizing library shelves. Handy seniors will love working on book repairs, allowing the library to save countless irreplaceable books.

Help the Zoo

Volunteer at the Virginia Zoo and become a part of a Virginia treasure. The Zoo needs volunteers to guide visitors around and share the wonder of our world’s wildlife. Senior volunteers can learn basic zoology and biology helping the Zoo to maintain animal habitats and preparing food according to each animal’s dietary requirements.

Even helping in the gift shop will provide invaluable help and give you the chance to interact with people from all over the U.S.

Use that Green Thumb

Volunteering at the Norfolk Botanical Garden is a good way for horticulturally minded Virginia Beach seniors to indulge their green thumb and learn botanical knowledge first-hand from experts in the field.

Garden volunteers will act as visitor guides, landscaping help, and help to make special events a big success for all involved.

Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

Companion animals need your help at the VBSPCA. Animal shelters are always overwhelmed financially as they try to help every abused or abandoned animal.

You can provide invaluable assistance by helping with fundraising, animal care, and socialization, and guiding people who want to adopt a shelter pet through the facility and the process. Volunteers perform a critical role by providing temporary homes for kittens and puppies that can’t be cared for optimally in the shelter environment.

It’s Up to You

Only you know where your special talents and knowledge will do the most good. Use online search, ask friends and family, and call places directly to find the best volunteer opportunity for you.

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