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Virginia Beach Veterans Benefits

Our country relies on the brave and patriotic people who volunteer to serve in the armed forces. These individuals place their health and lives at risk to defend our freedoms and keep Americans safe.

It’s no surprise that veterans of military service earn a plethora of benefits and aid programs designed to maintain their health and ease the difficulties they may experience adjusting to civilian life.

Sadly, many vets experience difficulty in discovering the wide range of resources available to them. Keep reading to find out about some of the resources available to Virginia Beach veterans that can help them get on with their civilian lives.

Loans for Veteran Owned Businesses

The Office of Veterans Business Development provides many invaluable programs and services to help veterans who want to start a new business to make their idea a reality. The SBA provides many different kinds of assistance to over 200,000 veterans and military spouses nationwide and at military bases worldwide.

The Boots to Business is part of the Transition Assistance Program instituted on military bases to help servicemen prepare for civilian life in the period immediately before being discharged. With Boots to Business, vets can receive critical entrepreneurship training so they have the best shot at success in business ventures they want to start.

Virginia Beach veterans can take advantage of Small Business Administration education, loans, and other forms of aid to make their re-entry to civilian life a financially successful transition. Even better, veterans will bring new employment and opportunities to the communities where they establish their businesses.

Health Care for Virginia Beach Veterans

Sadly, for many Virginia Beach vets, they suffer from health problems directly attributable to things that happened to them during active duty military service.

One of the most important services that the Veterans Administration provides to our nation’s vets is health care. Qualified veterans can access an amazing variety of medical services and health maintenance programs through the VA Health Service.

Senior aged veterans can take advantage of comprehensive geriatric medical services. The VA has a sterling reputation for providing top-quality care such as:

Diabetes prevention, care, and treatment programs to keep Virginia Beach vets from suffering the ravages of this chronic condition.

State-of-the-art cardiac care for both chronic and acute heart ailments that would otherwise result in certain death.

Joint replacement surgery for senior aged vets who would be otherwise limited in mobility, resulting in a poor quality-of-life.

Smoking cessation programs that will save the lungs and hearts of Virginia Beach vets from the damage caused by this horrible habit.

Support for Homeless Veterans

No person who has placed their body between the nation we love and those who would do the U.S. harm deserves to be homeless.

Fortunately, there are programs like Support Homeless Veterans. SHV was started in 2011 and was created with the sole purpose of helping homeless veterans get back into stable and secure home situations.

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