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Virginia Beach Senior Services

Virginia Beach is a great place for anyone to live but if you’ve reached retirement age, you want to make sure your home can offer you plenty of supportive services. Luckily Virginia Beach as fantastic advantages and programs for their senior citizens. There are senior centers where you can play games and continue learning, meal delivery services if you’re stuck at home, and long-term care options for every situation. This is a list of just ten of the services you can find in the area.

Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia helps many people in the area, and they have senior-specific programs. If you need in-home care or are a caregiver, they have resources to make the job easier. They also have access to community resources and assistance.

Citizen’s Committee to Protect the Elderly is a non-profit organization that helps seniors get the care and treatment they deserve. They will make sure you know your rights if you live in a nursing facility and they can provide information about any long-term care.

Jewish Family Service of Tidewater can help seniors navigate all their care options. They have home care as well as palliative and hospice care. They also offer transportation services and counseling.

Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach gives shut in seniors the chance to receive a hot meal for every day of the week. You will get a scheduled day when you order and all your meals for the week will be delivered right to your door.

Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia operates as the Area Agency on Aging for Virginia Beach. They have a wealth of information and services including transit options, nutritional services, Medicare counseling, caregiver support, and wellness centers.

Sentara Senior Care Services offers seniors assistance with meal programs and long-term care, but they also have online patient resources. You can find helpful links on their site to local, state, and federal websites that will assist you with whatever you need.

Simon Family Jewish Community Center is for the whole family, but there are programs geared to older adults. There is a senior fitness class, a social club with a hot meal, book club, Yiddish club, and a variety of card and board game groups.

Virginia Beach Forever Young Senior Centers allow seniors to meet in one place to socialize, eat, join a group or a class, and even go on field trips. Six centers provide these programs for seniors, and each has their own set of courses and activities.

Virginia Beach Human Services provides valuable assistance to seniors with things like companion services, adult protective services, supplemental nutrition assistance, and long-term care.

Virginia Division for the Aging can help seniors with things like Medicare prescription drug coverage, regular prescription coverage, safe driving, and they have respite vouchers for caregivers.

There are more services for seniors that you can find in Virginia Beach. If you don’t see your answers addressed in this article, you can call the Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia, and they will guide you to the right service or organization.

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