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Virginia Beach Senior Movers and Downsizers

No one enjoys the prospect of moving from their home.  After decades spent as an adult in the same place, your home is infused with precious memories, and even more precious keepsakes.

Virginia Beach seniors who have to downsize need a moving service that will coordinate the complexities of sorting through many years worth of belongings that can hold sentimental value; the table your son held onto as he learned to walk, your grandson's favorite chair, and dozens of similar items.

As the population of seniors grows, the need for specialized senior moving services will increase.  Continue reading to learn about senior moving services in Virginia Beach.

How Are Virginia Beach Senior Movers Different?

When a Virginia Beach senior decides to downsize, a senior moving expert will help you declutter items in the old home and sort possessions according to whether they will be moved or not.

The senior move manager will coordinate all the move related activities and help you sort the things that won’t move with you according to:

What will be donated

What can be sold

What needs to be thrown out

What will be passed on to other family members

If your senior move specialist is a member of the NASMM, he or she will be trained in handling senior moving issues with compassion and understanding.  The SMM will offer solutions you may not have thought of on your own.

What’s the Best Time to look For a Senior Mover?

In the same way that you wouldn’t plan any life-changing event on the fly, it’s best to start planning your downsizing move as early as possible.

An early start will increase the chances that the majority of your belongings will be distributed where you feel is best, whether it’s storage, with family members, or kept close to you in your new residence.

A senior move manager will also prove invaluable help if you need to downsize due to some kind of emergency.  If a sudden illness, death, or disaster precipitates the need to move, a senior move manager will free you to deal with a crisis while taking care of the details of the move.

How do I find a Senior Mover in Virginia Beach?

Start by visiting the NASMM website and using the search tool there to locate a senior move professional by zip code, or see a directory of all the SMMs in your state.

Try the Better Business Bureau website for a directory of senior move managers for your state along with important BBB rating information.

Asking people you trust for advice is another good way to find the right senior move manager for you.  

What will it Cost?

According to AARP, the cost of a senior move manager can range from $40 to $100 per hour.

Your cost will depend on the services you need, the experience of the SMM and if you can purchase a package deal that includes the moving company.  Also, don’t be afraid to haggle, especially if you’re deciding between several different SMMs in your area.

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