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Virginia Beach Senior Living

Virginia Beach seniors enjoy living in one of the nicest parts of the U.S., but as they get older, routine chores and responsibilities may become more difficult to perform.  It’s natural that we become less capable of taking care of ourselves with advancing age; fortunately, there are quality senior services available for Virginia Beach residents. From homemaker services and on-call delivery to assisted living facilities and nursing homes providing a comprehensive range of onsite senior care services, Virginia Beach is the place for seniors to maintain their quality of life in a dignified and respectful manner. Read on to learn about some of the great senior service providers in Virginia Beach who will make the routine of daily life easier while allowing you the time you need for more preferable activities.

The Cost of Senior Services in Virginia Beach

Fortunately for Virginia Beach residents, the costs of a wide range of senior care are close to the national average.   Homemaker services will provide seniors with someone to cook meals, perform housekeeping, and help with other tasks that they may not be able to do for themselves anymore.  The median cost of homemaker services in Virginia Beach is approximately $43,000 per year.  A home health aide will run you just a little less at $42,000 per year for a similar level of assistance. Adult day health care is reasonably priced at $16,000 per year on average.  The cost of an assisted living facility in Virginia Beach is higher than the national average at $53,000 per year.  If you need a nursing home, the yearly average cost of a semi-private room is much higher than the national average of $43,000 per year at $78,000.

Senior Services Available in Virginia Beach

As the U.S. population collectively ages, there will be an increasing demand for senior services to help them live dignified, comfortable lives.  There are more senior service providers available than ever before, and Virginia Beach has many great options for senior care.   If you’re determined to remain in your home living independently for as long as possible, you can easily create an a la carte menu of services designed around your situation.  If you prefer to live in a senior community and enjoy the benefits of on-site amenities and socializing, then Virginia Beach is home to some of the finest assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

Private or Community Services in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is home to some great private and community senior service providers that will keep seniors independent and provide a good quality of life.   There are homemaker services available to Virginia Beach seniors like Cozy Home Care of Virginia, Inc and Senior Corp.  Do your research and find online reviews to begin your search for a quality homemaker service provider.  Ask friends and family for recommendations, and make sure to ask any service provider questions pertinent to your situation. Home health services in Virginia Beach will provide vital assistance to Virginia Beach seniors who need help with routine medical chores such as wound care, taking medications on schedule, and chronic disease care.  Virginia Beach seniors can use local service providers like Gentle Hands Home Health Services and Labor of Love Total Health Care.   For those little chores and inconvenient trips, consider using services such as Rover, Favor, and Porch.  Even Amazon provides a similar service called Amazon Home Services.  These companies can provide you with help doing things as varied as walking your dog to finding a handyman for a quick home repair.

Important Questions You’ll Need to Ask

Hiring a senior service provider is just like using any other service or product; you need to do your research.  Here are some good questions to start with, although you’ll need to inquire about issues that are particular to your situation. Ask a service provider if they are insured/bonded. Find out if they are licensed or have the proper permits (if your state requires it). Does the service provider conduct background checks on their employees? How do they handle it when someone misses your appointment or can’t make it due to illness? If you’re using community services away from your home, is transportation provided to and from?

Virginia Beach Senior Living Communities

For many seniors, the best solution to maintaining a good quality of life with convenient access to important health services and amenities is to move into a senior living community. Virginia Beach seniors have a varied range of options in senior living that range from resort style communities to comprehensive nursing home care. Stability becomes an important consideration as we grow older, and you need to consider this when you choose a senior community.  Some assisted living facilities provide for independent living but cannot accommodate seniors who need more care than that.  Consider choosing a facility that provides a continuum of care;  as your ability to live independently deteriorates, you will have access to greater levels of care in the same community.

Questions You Want to Ask About Your Senior Living Accommodation

There are things you need to find out before choosing a senior living community, and here are a few of the more important ones: Does the facility provide a continuum of care, so you won’t have to move when you need greater levels of care? What services are included in your monthly rent? What services or amenities will you have to pay for separately? Are there amenities on-site that other communities don’t offer, but that you’d enjoy using?

Paying for Virginia Beach Senior Care

Senior care costs are high by any standard and financing the care and services that you require can be challenging.  If you own your own home, consider using it to help finance the later years of your life. Selling your home can provide enough money to pay for many years worth of care in a senior living community.  A reverse mortgage is another option that can provide you with a monthly income that will defray the costs of senior living. If you have an entrepreneurial sense, consider renting your home as a residence or a vacation home.  Your home will continue to appreciate in value, and you’ll have a steady income to pay for your senior community residence.

Enjoying Senior Living in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is a great American city and has a range of great dining, entertainment, and cultural opportunities. Visit Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia and see all the great things to enjoy in Virginia Beach.  If you enjoyed this quick guide to Virginia Beach senior services, and want more information, please check out our guides to Virginia Beach assisted living, neighborhoods, and many other senior resources.

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