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Virginia Beach Rehab Centers

Acute care hospitals and senior housing facilities offer the primary solution for rehab for older adults. Virginia Beach provides numerous options for seniors in need of therapy and care. Whether you need specialized equipment to move around or just a few sessions each week to gain back your balance, a rehabilitation program can do you some good.

Rehab Happenings

What first happens when you go to rehab is the therapist takes an assessment of your skills. He or she examines your body and abilities to determine what you are still capable of doing and what you need to work on during your sessions. Once the assessment gets completed, he or she creates a personalized care plan to get you fully healed and functional as soon as possible.

Finding a Facility

Beverly Health & Rehab offers therapy services in Virginia Beach. Extended-stay nursing care ensures seniors with all levels of disabilities get the assistance they need. The center resides at 1817 Foxhound Lane.

Rated well on Senior Advisor, Atlantic Shores Retirement provides care to all residents. You can participate in the health and wellness program if you live at the center, or receive therapy sessions on an outpatient basis. The Seaside Health Center is part of this location, which is where the treatment services take place. It is fully licensed as well as Medicare-certified.

Beth Sholom Village offers rehab & skilled nursing and assisted living. Local orthopedic surgeons often refer patients to Beth Sholom due to the advanced techniques utilized at the facility. The therapists work toward giving people back their functional abilities.

High-Quality Establishments

Some facilities are low-quality choices, only meeting the basic needs for rehabilitation and never going beyond that. Find a high-quality establishment that meets all of your requirements and offers a relaxing atmosphere. You don’t just want subpar care. You want a professional setting with friendly staff that will get you better promptly. There are a few key elements to consider before settling on a location:


State licensed

Courteous staff

Clean facilities

Meals provided

Activities and amenities offered

Whether you only stay at the facility for a week or you need care for a month, you want to be in a quality environment.

Care Costs

Your care costs vary depending on your length of stay and types of services offered. Many assisted living communities offer a base monthly rate which includes meals, the rental price, on-site activities and amenities, and the cost of rehab services. You do not usually have to worry about paying out of pocket for any of it. Speak with your insurance provider and see how much they are willing to pay.

Always apply for Medicare and Medicaid first if you haven’t already. These insurance options pay for a significant portion of your care costs with little expense to you. Medicare Part A typically handles short-term care as long as you have benefit days left for the month. Consult with both your insurance and your doctor to determine if rehabilitative care is truly right for you.

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