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Virginia Beach In-Home Care

Long-term care is a very personal choice, and you should base it on your unique needs. Luckily, in-home care offers a variety of services so you can build a care plan that suits you. More seniors are opting for in-home care because not only does it give them the chance to stay in their home longer, but it also is less expensive than other options. The daily cost of in-home services averages about $117 per day while assisted living facilities average $145 daily and nursing homes average between $215 and $245 daily.

What should you know about in-home care? Searching for in-home care might feel a little overwhelming, but this guide should help you figure out what you need. You can learn more about the care options and what seniors in your area expect from their providers. You can also find out how to make in-home care work for you as well as how to pay for care.

What Seniors In Virginia Beach Want From In-Home Care

The types of care available through agencies in Virginia Beach break down into homemakers and home health aides. Home health aides take care of your medical needs. They can tend to wounds, monitor medication, check vital signs, and attend to your overall well-being. Homemakers, or companions, help with things around the house like cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, errands as well as personal grooming tasks like bathing and getting dressed.

Virginia Beach has almost a dozen care providers and to sort through what’s most important to clients, we searched through user reviews. These reviews can give you a better idea of what you should expect from your care provider.

Being able to provide a caregiver quickly: Sometimes you need care as soon as possible, and many agencies can assess your needs and send over a caregiver promptly. One family member of a Seniorcorp client wrote, “Thoughtful attentive and very well run as an organization. They were able to provide a great caretaker quickly! Mom very much enjoyed her weekend with them.”

Help with transitions: Many seniors choose in-home care after a surgery or a long illness, and that can be a difficult transition. Caregivers that help ease that process are a significant benefit. A family member of a Cozy Home Care of Virginia Inc. said, “Cozy Home Care has been a true blessing for our family. We were in trouble with an early discharge from rehab. None of us were prepared to help Mom with what she needed. Cozy Home Care came right in, developed a care plan perfect for us and started care the next day.”

Working well with family members: Taking care of a senior takes more than one person, and family members are often involved. It’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page, and agencies like Arcadia Home Care & Staffing do just that. One family member wrote, “For home care, it has to be accommodating to not just the patients but the family as well and Arcadia did a good job with that.”

Creating Your Own Schedule

Another advantage of in-home care is you set your schedule and create a care plan for your needs. That means if you don’t want a full-time caregiver you can arrange for someone to come over just once a week or even once every other week. You can use a care provider for respite services as well if your regular caregiver is on vacation or has an appointment. If you need last-minute care, most agencies can arrange for a caregiver to come on short notice. Don’t be afraid to call and find out if you’re going to be without care.

How To Find In-Home Care

Long-term care often means using a variety of services to meet all of your needs. It’s a good thing to have plenty of tools in your senior care toolbox, so you don’t worry about finding assistance or being without care. Here are just a few ways you can get a caregiver and cover all your bases.

If you want control over all your long-term care, hire your own caregiver. You control the entire hiring process from the interview to the payment which is a good choice if you want a family member to get paid to take care of you. Be aware that you will need to handle scheduling and taxes in this situation as well.

Another way to use in-home care is to employ a personally hired caregiver and an agency caregiver. Again, if you have a family caregiver, this option gives them the ability to take a break without leaving you stranded for assistance. It’s a smart idea to have an agency caregiver on call for emergency situations as well, so you don’t have to be on your own.

Seniors are also using concierge services and online shopping as part of their care services. They’ve found sites like TaskRabbit to help them find someone to assist with everything from grocery shopping to furniture building and Rover to help them find a dog walker or pet sitter. Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Now are great when you forget something at the store and want it delivered right to your door.

In-home care requires some research to find reliable providers and services. You can start your search with suggestions from trusted family members, health care providers, and friends. You can further your search by going online and looking at the Better Business Bureau of Southeastern Virginia. The BBB has user reviews and profile information on most local businesses and these can help you get a feel for each company.

Covering The Cost Of In-Home Care In Virginia Beach

You can use Medicare to help you pay for in-home care if you meet their set of standards. You need a doctor to state you are homebound and need physical or occupational therapy as well as skilled nursing. If you take this route, you will be limited to Medicare approved facilities.

Some seniors have long-term care insurance and many policies cover in-home care. Check your coverage if you have this insurance. If you have a house, you could use a reverse mortgage and take those funds to pay for your in-home care. Some risks come with this move and you should meet with a HUD-certified counselor first.

Low-income seniors can use their Medicaid benefits to pay for care. If you’re a veteran or a widow of a veteran, check your VA bill to see if you can use it for in-home care. Virginia Beach also has senior services like care transitions, transportation, meal delivery, and in-home services often at a discounted rate. Don’t hesitate to find out if these services will work for you.

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