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Everything changes with time, especially our health. The same routine health checks that served you so well throughout your adult years may not be enough as you enter your 60’s.

The doctor who helped you maintain your health and catch any problems before they became serious issues usually doesn’t have the training to deal with the problems of old age. Once you’ve entered late middle age, you should consider finding a geriatrician, a doctor with special training and experience recognizing and treating the health problems that come with advancing age.

Virginia Beach seniors are lucky to have access to many highly-qualified geriatricians and nationally ranked hospitals. Keep reading to find out about the medical resources you have near you.

Hospitals in Virginia Beach with Geriatric Care

US News and World Report Magazine have ranked over 5,000 hospitals across the U.S., and maintain a list of hospitals for quick reference for Virginia Beach seniors.

Mary Immaculate Hospital provides surgical and medical care in Newport News and is high-performing in three specialties that are of value to the senior community:

Heart Failure

Hip Replacement

Knee Replacement

Mary Immaculate began serving the community in 1952 and is the only faith-based hospital on the peninsula. The Hospital has board-certified geriatricians on staff and provides important counseling and social services to patients and their families who need it.

At Mary Immaculate, seniors can enjoy the benefits of quicker recovery time with minimally invasive surgery, and take advantage of the Hospital’s expertise in spine and joint surgery.

Riverside Regional Medical Center is great for seniors with lung problems; they’re rated high-performing in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) by US News and World Report. Seniors can also receive lifesaving treatment for Heart Failure, another adult specialty that the Hospital is rated as high-performing.

Riverside Regional is located on 72 acres on the peninsula and has been serving the community for over one hundred years and is one of the most established medical facilities in the area.

At Riverside Regional, Virginia Beach seniors can take advantage of the Hospital’s Healthy Aging program that provides solutions to issues such as self-support, active living, and support at care locations.

Locating Geriatric Medical Care in Virginia Beach

Finding the right geriatrician and medical services for your needs is as easy as performing an online search. You can visit the websites of each hospital, and find the directory for the geriatrics department. Bear in mind that the geriatrics specialists may also be listed under the heading of “family practice.”

You can also use handy search tools that are intended specifically to help you find the doctor or hospital you need.

Try using the U.S. News and World Report doctor finder to locate a geriatrician near you and find out how that physician ranks nationally and locally. provides lots of valuable information for seniors and also has an online search tool to find a geriatric physician near you.

Finally, talk to people you trust who currently use a geriatrician, they can offer valuable insight into what’s available and where.

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