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Virginia Beach Assisted Living

You are about to make a significant life change moving to assisted living. You are probably thinking about costs, daily life, finding your best match, and how you will pay the bills. There are various types of assisted living available, and you can find one that meets your tastes and budgets. You can find communities with diverse lifestyles and in different neighborhoods within Virginia Beach. Paying your bill is not as hard as you think. Below is some information to show you what Virginia Beach offers for assisted living:

How much is assisted living in Virginia Beach?

Virginia Beach’s assisted living care average is higher than the national average of $3,628 per month. The monthly median cost for assisted living care in Virginia Beach was $4,402 in 2016. Don’t be alarmed because the rates can vary based on the location of the facility. Carebridge Assisted Living offers a one-bedroom assisted living room from $1,925 a month near the Chesapeake area. With its beautiful mansion and grounds, upscale Bay Lake Retirement Community can run up to $6,850 a month. You can see there is a broad range of prices. You can find several communities that fall in between these two price points.

Various options available

There are a wide variety of assisted living facilities such as luxury or religious-based. You can also find an assisted living community that allows pets so that you can bring your dog or cat with you. If you want to live close to the beach, Atlantic Shores Retirement is only 10 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and is right next to Red Wing Lake for scenic views. If you are interested in living in a facility that is environmentally friendly, Atria Senior Living is LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and uses several green practices such as using energy-efficient appliances and lighting, recycling programs, education to residents on green living, and water-efficient landscaping. You can find about any style of community you want in the Virginia Beach area.

How to locate the right assisted living community in Virginia Beach

Take time to consider what is important to you. Once you know what you want and where you want to live, create a list of assisted living communities that fit these criteria. You can ask friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances for recommendations. Online reviews are extremely helpful and will give you great information. To find other valuable information, contact a local senior advisor in the Virginia Beach area. The Department of Aging also offers resources to help you with your search, and you can speak with a representative who knows the area well. Visit assisted living facilities with your advisor. When you visit each facility, make sure you know all services in the monthly charge, what services are extra, and how the community will handle your care when your health needs change. SeniorAdvisor Assisted Living Guidebook offers a comprehensive list of questions to cover all kinds of information such as paying for care, moving into the facility, the environment, personal services, and more.

How to pay for assisted living

Assisted living prices can give anyone quite a shock, but when you compare these costs to living at home and hiring the same services, you might not be as surprised. Assisted living may cost less than living at home when you consider all the expenses such as taxes, utility bills, homeowners insurance, mortgage, and maintenance projects to make your home accessible or routine maintenance upkeep. Another way to pay for your assisted living care is to sell your or your parents current home and use the proceeds (after taxes and other fees). If you don’t want to sell your home or don’t have one to sell, don’t worry as there other options to help you pay for assisted living. For low-income and low-asset seniors, Medicaid is an option. It is a federal-state program that provides coverage to more than 4.6 million low-income seniors nationwide. You can learn more about eligibility and coverage by visiting Virginia’s Social Service web page. If you are a veteran (or a widow of a veteran) that served at least one day during a war, you may qualify for VA Aid & Attendance pension. To be eligible, you did not necessarily have to serve in combat but in a time of war. In Virginia, contact your local benefits office for more information to apply. The process may take several months from start to finish. If you have a long-term care insurance policy, it typically covers assisted living costs and expenses. You may want to discuss your coverage limits with your agent. Some policies do not cover room and board but will cover only services. Be sure you discuss all limitations with your agent. It is also important to stay current on your policy so it does not lapse. To avoid forgetting to pay your bill when you get older, you may want to set up automatic bill pay to pay each month, quarter, or year. You can also look into a reverse mortgage, which uses the equity you have in your home. A reverse mortgage is an option if you want to keep your home for your spouse. You can also investigate cashing in your life insurance policy to pay for care. However, both of these payment methods do have tax and fees along with affecting your inheritance. You will want to discuss the details with your financial planner, tax advisor, or an attorney to be sure you fully understand. Medicare and health insurance do not cover assisted living costs, which many seniors do not know. Workers’ disability insurance also doesn’t cover assisted living expenses. Now you have started your research in the Virginia Beach area for assisted living. You have a general idea what to expect. SeniorAdvisor has great information to help you find the best assisted living community for you, including reviews and award-winning care providers, Virginia Beach neighborhoods, cost breakdowns, information on what to ask when viewing a community, and more.

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