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Virginia Beach Alzheimer’s Care

As the symptoms of Alzheimer’s progress, the behavior can change drastically. That is why it is so important for people suffering from the disease to have the care they need. Someone should always be available to offer assistance, and even just a helping hand, on a rough day. Whether this comes in the form of a Virginia Beach nursing home, or a loved one stays home with the patient, some sort of care is required in these situations.

Alzheimer’s Facts and Statistics in Virginia Beach

By the year 2020, a 7.1% increase in Alzheimer’s patients will be evident.

22,000 people between the ages of 65 and 74 already suffer from Alzheimer’s in Virginia.

There are 140,000 people in total who suffer from the disease.

Medicaid spent $866 million on Alzheimer’s care costs in just one year, with prices expected to rise exponentially over the coming years.

Alzheimer’s is the sixth-leading cause of death in Virginia.

1,642 people passed away because of Alzheimer’s in 2013 alone.

455,000 people act as caregivers in the state of Virginia.

Caregivers spent 519,000,000 hours taking care of patients, all of which went unpaid.

What is Alzheimer’s Care?

Alzheimer’s care is any type of care that works to provide the nursing duties and assistance that Alzheimer’s patients need. For some, this comes in the form of receiving care at a nursing home. To others, they simply receive the help from a loved one in their own home. Whatever the case may be, each person requires some sort of care and supervision to maintain their health as much as possible.

Typical care duties include medication management, meal preparation, housekeeping duties, bathing, and dressing. People suffering from Alzheimer’s have days where they cannot even remember who they are, let alone that they have chores to do. A caregiver must either help them complete the tasks on their good days or handle it alone to ensure it gets done.

An adult day care is another type of option. While there are nurses on staff who will check vital signs and monitor overall health, the primary focus is on keeping people active and entertained. A variety of activities is offered at each visit that allows people to socialize and come together with others who suffer from the same or similar issues. A simple card game goes a long way in ensuring someone has a little fun and feels like a person and not just a patient.

How Much Does Alzheimer’s Care Cost?

The state of Virginia may cost more on average for care, but Virginia Beach is actually priced less than the United States average. Nursing home residents can expect to pay around $225 per day in the Virginia Beach area. This is $25 less than the national median. $82,125 a year is what the amount adds up to, which is still a hefty bill. It is significantly less, however than the $92,688 state average.

These prices are significantly higher than the costs of a room at an assisted living facility. The price for that equates to only $39,228 per year. This option is not right for everyone though, as there is more freedom in this type of facility. Alzheimer’s patients who have suffered from the disease for longer will have to strongly consider the nursing home option with more focused care plans.

Paying for Virginia Beach Alzheimer’s Care

Paying for Virginia Beach Alzheimer’s care does not have to be as difficult as it may seem. There are options out there that make paying the costs easier to manage. It just takes some digging to find the right methods that work the best in the situation.

Consider Insurance

It is always best to first consider insurance. Those without insurance will have to pay the entire cost out-of-pocket. That is a hefty sum to pay on your own. Insurance will typically cover a portion of the cost, ensuring a chunk of the money is handled and only the remainder has to be paid by the patient. Medicaid is one option, which is federally funded. It often covers a certain amount of days in a nursing home, such as 100. Before that, it may help cover the cost of an in-home nurse who comes for weekly visits. It will all depend on the diagnosis and what each person is approved for.

Medicaid is not the only option. Seniors who can afford it can search for their own insurance option to find a long-term care policy. This option usually covers any significant medical issues that would require long-term care, including Alzheimer’s. Paying into this policy before the disease has ever even developed will help people ensure they will be covered if that time ever comes. It is a wise investment to make.

Consider a Roommate

Those that do stay at a nursing home can opt to have a roommate. This is a nice alternative to a private room because it helps save on costs. There is usually a significant decrease in the yearly amount if two people share the space. Privacy is still available, as there are two separate bedroom spaces. The only shared spaces would be the bathroom if one is available, and the main living area. It is worth the small privacy sacrifice to have the costs cut down significantly.

Consider Veterans Benefits

Veterans who suffer from Alzheimer’s or any other medical ailment can look into their local VA to see what benefits they may be provided. The Virginia Beach County Vet Center is located at 324 Southport Circle, Suite 102. Veterans can head into the office to discuss benefits and other help options, or they can simply place a phone call by dialing 757-248-3665. There is often a medical center even onsite where people can be treated. This is a great alternative for those who have a family caregiver at home and need to see a nurse for more careful monitoring from time to time.

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