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Virginia Beach Aging In Place

Your home in Virginia Beach is most likely where you feel most comfortable, and when you get older, it’s probably the place you want to stay. Luckily, aging in place services can help make that desire a reality and give you the care you need right in your home. You can use a homemaker to help you keep your house in order, or a home health aide to help get you in and out of bed, assist you with daily grooming, remind you to take your medications, and any other health-related task you might need. Virginia Beach has plenty of options to help you stay in your house as long as possible.

Who Pays For This Care?

If your doctor agrees that you need some care to be able to stay in your house safely, you might be able to get reimbursed for in-home care services. The Senior Services Of Southeastern Virginia has a few programs that can help qualified seniors get things like homemakers, meal delivery services, personal care, and more without having to pay completely out of pocket. Veterans also might be able to get help financing service costs through their VA bill.

What Is The Cost Of This Care?

The best way to get an idea of cost is to look at a few different variables and then look at the averages for your area. Where you live will play into the price as will the type of care you use and how often you need to use it. Nationally, the average for in-home services is about $3,800 per month or $132 per day.

The costs in Virginia Beach are lower so you can find a homemaker for $3,623 per month or a home health aide for $3,527 per month. The cost works out to about $116 to $119 per day and compared to the $254 per day for a private room in a nursing home, it’s a little more affordable.  

Searching For A Virginia Beach Provider

Choosing the right provider is an important part of in-home care because you need someone who is reliable and will meet your unique needs. Your doctor is an excellent resource for information on providers and might be able to give you a referral and your close friends and family members might also have suggestions. You can look at places like the Better Business Bureau of Virgina Beach and see how their customers have liked or disliked their services.

Once you have found a few places, you should ask some more in-depth questions. The provider should be bonded and insured and have all the right licenses. They should also perform background checks on their employees and have a thorough screening process. After you have found a place you feel comfortable with, carefully go over any contracts and make sure you know when and how to schedule their services and what type of payment they accept.

Additional In-Home Care Resources

One of the nice things about in-home care is that you have the freedom to customize your plan and choose the type of care you need. If you aren’t ready for full-time care or don’t need it, you can look at other services. Concierge services are a great way to get help with the things you need, and online platforms have made it easy to find someone to assist you. is a good place to find pet sitters and dog walkers and Handy has local house cleaners. If you have other chores or miscellaneous errands like picking up your dry cleaning, Favor and TaskRabbit are a good place to start. If your house needs to be remodeled or repaired, you can check for contractors and Amazon Home Services can help you find anything else you need for your home. Treat these services as any other type of in-home care provider and properly research each one.

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