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Medicare in Virginia Beach

Medicare plays a significant role in the lives of seniors. The insurance plan covers costs directly related to senior needs such as lengthy hospital stays, hospice care, and prescription medications. Without this coverage, many people would go unseen at the doctor, leading to more severe complications from aging. Medicare is needed for many citizens of Virginia Beach. Utilizing the resources available in the city ensures everyone who needs the insurance option can gain access to it.

What is Medicare?

People age 65 and older often require more routine medical care. Well-checks, eye exams, cancer screenings, and much more are needed as people age to ensure conditions are not developing. Medicare is an insurance option that helps pay for these services, so the costs do not come entirely out-of-pocket. Various parts make up the entire plan:

Hospital Insurance - Part A: Patients get to stay in a skilled nursing facility, hospital, or hospice care.

Medical Insurance - Part B: People can see their doctor regularly and receive preventive care measures such as x-rays and lab tests.

Medicare Advantage Plans - Part C: Fee-for-service plans get offered by private companies who contract through Medicare. Most include Part A, Part B, and Part D in an all-in-one package. They could be more costly but are well worth it to have all services included in the price.

Prescription Drug Coverage - Part D: Seniors may pick up their prescription drugs that are not covered by any other plans.

What are Some Facts Regarding Beneficiaries in Virginia Beach?

59,328 Medicare beneficiaries reside in Virginia Beach.

The average recipient age is 72.

56.3% of people receiving Medicare in Virginia Beach are women.

57.5% of of the beneficiaries have high cholesterol.

Where are the Medicare Offices Located?

The U.S. Social Security Administration in Virginia Beach discusses all things Medicare. Residents in need of a new Medicare card can apply at the office the same way they do for a social security card. They can also receive an application to sign up for Medicare if they have never had it or have lost their benefits in the past. It sits at 2875 Sabre St #100. You can also call (888) 377-5237 for information.

The online option allows people to skip the wait and fill out an application in the comfort of their own homes. A step-by-step guide takes people through the process and indicates which documents they need outside of the basics. You must have check stubs, tax records, identifying documents, and all other critical materials with you before you start so you can enter the data correctly.

Where Can You Find Medical Providers That Accept Medicare?

The Medicare website is the place to go when you need to look up medical providers in your area that accept Medicare. Their physician comparison results offer addresses and phone numbers. There are several options in the Virginia Beach area, including a couple of group practices and several solo clinicians. The five options all offer geriatric care. You can search for alternative solutions as well such as doctors who handle internal medicine, family physicians, or another specialty.

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