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Financial Assistance for Virginia Beach Seniors

If you are having trouble paying for life’s necessities while living on a limited income, non-profit organizations and government agencies offer programs and services to help you get necessities including food, housing, home maintenance, home repair, and utilities. You can also find social programs in Virginia Beach to help you lead an active lifestyle.

Feeding your body with healthy food

Meals on Wheels of Virginia Beach brings homebound seniors a hot meal and a sandwich. All meals meet nutritional standards from the Food & Nutrition Board of the National Research Council.

Virginia Department of Social Services offers SNAP for low-income households to purchase eligible food items through an EBT card. You can apply online or call the Department of Social Services’ SNAP Hotline at 800.552.3431.

Keep your home comfortable

If your home is in need of repairs, but you just don’t have the money, the City of Virginia Beach offers low-cost home repair loan programs. Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia also provides seniors assistance with home repairs.

Utility bills can add up quickly. The State of Virginia offers programs to help cover these costs including Energy Assistance, which provides assistance with repairs of heating and cooling systems, heating fuel costs, security deposits and more. Hampton Roads Salvation Army also has a utility assistance program.

Virginia’s Weatherization Assistance Program helps you lower the cost of utilities by making needed repairs and improvements to increase your home’s energy efficiency, which will save you money on your utility bills.

Virginia Beach Housing and Neighborhood Preservation offers a variety of resources to help low-income families find, keep, and maintain affordable housing. The City does have a listing of units available specifically for the elderly.

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a search option to find a subsidized apartment near you. There is also non-profit assistance through Catholic Charities of Eastern Virginia, which provides low-income families assistance for rent, security deposits, utility bills, and more.

Keep your mind active

Virginia Beach has several senior centers that offer special events, lunch, games, crafts, exercise programs, and local travel excursions. You can find an activity for every area of interest.

Homebound seniors also need social interaction. Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia offers programs such as companionship, homemaker, personal care, and transportation. Catholic Charities also offers volunteer programs for seniors to get the companionship and attention they deserve. Senior Corp will also assist with outings and entertainment for seniors who need extra assistance.

It is important to stay active and engage your mind. You will find several social clubs and activities in the Virginia Beach area to meet friends and fill your day with fun. Simon Family JCC offers fitness classes specific to older adults, book club, Yiddish Club, knitting, and games. Meetup is a great resource to search by interest to find other locals that match. You can search and find hiking, dining, senior activities, and more. If you want some more ideas, contact a knowledgeable volunteer at the Senior Resource Center.

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