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Best of Virginia Beach Senior Living

All families want the best for their loved ones, and that includes finding the best retirement community in the area. Search to find all possibilities in Virginia Beach. Plenty of award winners come from the city and its surrounding areas. You can also take a look at the criteria to discover how the winners get chosen and are sure you are selecting an ideal option for your family member.

Assisted Living

Communities that offer assisted living often focus on helping with personal care. The staff bathes, dresses, and sometimes even feeds the residents who struggle to handle these tasks alone. Transportation to and from appointments, housekeeping duties, and more also get offered in this type of establishment. Getting help with tough tasks lets the residents focus their energy on other things, such as improving their health and wellness and socializing with others.

Commonwealth Senior Living at Leigh Hall focuses on assisted living. They were rated the best in assisted living in the city. The Norfolk establishment sits within access to the Hampton Roads region. You can get to and from shopping centers and restaurants easily. Residents that want to stay active can speak with the activities coordinator about the various options available. Numerous rooms are set up throughout the facility with things to do. You will always be kept busy.

A grand piano, therapy services, dining room, and social programs are just a few of the amenities offered. Reviewers agree the location is very pleasing. One person says the staff is “great at keeping [her] up to date on information about [her] mother. Another family member indicates, “the rehab therapy has really been excellent in this community.” She says, “they have helped my dad improve greatly and are getting him back to being active.”

Alzheimer’s Care

People with Alzheimer’s require much more care than seniors who do not have the memory disease. They may become disoriented quickly and wander away from the premises if they are left alone. A skilled nursing staff remains on-site 24 hours a day to monitor all people with memory problems. There is also advanced security inside and outside the building to prevent any escape attempts.

Just over 20 minutes away from Virginia Beach, Commonwealth Memory Care at Norfolk earned its Best of 2017 Senior Living Award for Alzheimer’s Care. Everyone receives secure and round-the-clock care to ensure they are safe and well taken care of day-to-day. The facility is situated close to three different medical campuses and offices. Since the place specializes in Alzheimer’s care, staff needs to be sure they can get a hold of a doctor quickly when necessary.

The establishment offers a “Sweet Memories” program which is part of its signature selections. There is an activities director who works on-site to ensure all residents get to participate in the best activities and exercises for them. Each suite residents stay in is also well-equipped with safety features, including grab bars and non-slip shower mats.

They are “caring professionals,” says one reviewer. A tour showed staff with a “friendliness and ability to to take care of the residents.” Another person notes the upgrades. “This facility has improved markedly,” he writes. “Improvements [in] the facility, cosmetic upgrades… have made a big difference.”

Independent Living

Many people have no health concerns when they choose to move to a new community. They simply want to be in a close-knit environment where they can socialize with others their age and get some assistance with housekeeping duties. If this sounds like you, then independent living is the right choice.

Commonwealth Senior Living at Leigh Hall is not just an assisted living community. Independent living options are available as well. That is part of why there are so many floorplans to choose. Some are more valuable as independent living solutions while others work for people who need regular assistance. The one bedroom option is often for independent people. Smaller studios seem to work better for those who need to visit frequently with a nurse.

“The room is nice and big,” says one reviewer. There is plenty of space available at this facility. Safety is important as well. “She is safe and well cared for,” one woman says of her mother. Others indicate at least a positive tour experience, saying the staff was friendly and courteous and able to answer all questions well.

Senior Group Homes

Not everyone wants to reside in a facility setting. Staying in a place that resembles your own home may be a better fit. A senior group home meets your needs if this is the case. It has a homey feeling that makes you feel like you are in a regular house, and not living among other seniors in a controlled environment.

Numerous senior group homes exist in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas, but none of which have yet earned an award. You can wait for an award-winning option, or take a look at the close contenders who are already well-liked by others in the area. Hope Haven Adult Home, Golden Living Community - Lynn Shores Chateau, Golden Years LLC, and Nickson Adult Care Service are the main related possibilities nearby.

Home care options could be your best bet if you don’t find an option in this category. Arcadia Home Care in Norfolk sends a nurse to your home to handle any needs you may have. You get to remain in your own home yet still receive the assistance you require from a professional. Arcadia Home Care and Staffing of Virginia Beach is a similar option.

One reviewer talks about how active the nurse was with her parents. They “took them for walks and did things with them.” She says, “I just think their friendliness was exceptional... For home care, it has to be accommodating to not just the patients but the family as well, and Arcadia did a good job with that.”

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