Glastonbury Village - Edmonton, AB

Glastonbury Village - Edmonton, AB has yet not published prices.

Customer Reviews

NEVER live here

I have lived here nearly 2years and find the meals are rarely what they say, poor recipes, very over cooked veggies, rarely edible - since you have to prepay for the meals, there is no incentive to make any variety or taste - VERY bad meals. There are very few activities (other than exercise) for supportive living/ dementia residents to participate in. When I move in there were numerous activities and outings but now you have to pay for all outing and many activities that were included in our rent.

They have changed the residents to mainly dementia/alzymers some are very aggressive and do nothing to protect the rest of us from them - if they attack you, you are the one who is “punished” even though you are the victim, and the aggressor is “rewarded” with no repercussion to themselves. Seems like if you can’t play nice in the sandbox you should have your activities restricted - no to here. In the last 20 new residents, most have fairly severe dementia and aggression, and they aren’t set up for it, they lie saying they are but only interested in the money.

It can take a year to see any changes in the social environment. Maintenance is SLOW - nearly a year on some things and all you get is excuses.

Glastonbury Positives and Negatives

Garbage room on the first floor smells terrible and is not
very clean. Public washrooms do not appear to be monitored through out the day and are sometimes in need of cleaning. Other than that, the facility is well taken care of.

We liked the location and concept of a lease compared to rent however at this time we are not prepared for the change required. I also think the lease amount should rise or fall over time.