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Tulsa Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

There’s no reason why retirement should mean retiring from active life. Instead of wasting your new found freedom from work, you can use your golden years to be productive and pursue the activities you’re genuinely interested in.

Keep reading to learn how volunteering can be a great way for Tulsa seniors to make the most of the best years of their lives.

Volunteer in Tulsa Schools

Tulsa Public Schools need seniors who are willing to make a difference in children’s lives. Early literacy programs are always short on staff, and your help will impact many students school performance.

If you’re good at any academic subjects, you can provide invaluable tutoring help for students who are falling behind. If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, the cafeterias need lunchroom monitors, kitchen help, and people to man the cash registers.

Bilingual seniors can be critical in helping young, new Americans to get up to speed in their new school.

Help Tulsa Libraries

At the Tulsa Public Library, you’ll serve in several important roles. Volunteers can be responsible for returning books and reference materials to their proper locations. If you’re good with your hands, you can help return damaged books back to circulation by performing basic book repair.

Libraries are always short of people to help with children’s programs like story time and homework help. Of course, you can volunteer at the front desk and enjoy the responsibility of being the public face of the Tulsa Library System.

Learn New Things at the Zoo

The Tulsa Zoo is the place for seniors who have an interest in animals, enjoy working with people, and want to learn valuable new skills.

The Zoo needs volunteers in a variety of roles. Tulsa seniors are welcome to help out as tour guides for Zoo visitors. You’ll learn about all the exhibits and animals so you can share that information with each tour group.

The Zoo also needs volunteers to help at the petting zoo, maintain habitats, and prepare food for different animal residents.

Help Shelter Animals

Tulsa Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) is dedicated to saving abused and abandoned companion animals in Tulsa. They work tirelessly to find new homes for shelter animals and to raise awareness among Tulsa residents about the dire situations many pets are found in.

Volunteer at ARF to make a difference in the lives of the most helpless residents of Tulsa. Your assistance will be invaluable as you help raise many for the organization, socialize shelter pets so they're ready for adoption, and help feed shelter residents.

Find the Right Tulsa Opportunity for You

This article is only a small sampling of the volunteer opportunities in Tulsa for active seniors who want to give back to the community. Use online search, ask people you know, and go visit the places you think need help to see if they can use you.

Consider what your favorite hobby or interest is, or what problem you’d like to help fix; go out there and find somewhere to contribute your time and talent.

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