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Tulsa Senior Services

Tulsa might not seem like a typical place to retire, but it has a variety of services and programs to offer the many senior residents that live here. There are options for meal delivery, transportation, health and wellness, medical services, and more right in Tulsa. This list highlights ten of the services and programs you can find in this city.

The Area Agency on Aging is a great place to start when you need help. They offer seniors assistance with things like nutrition, legal aid, transportation, homemakers, and even caregiver support. They can also assist you with disability education and insurance counseling.

Catholic Charities of Tulsa has a comprehensive list of assistance. You can find educational services, dental and immigration services, and emergency assistance. They also offer counseling for mental health issues and a kitchen and garden program that helps you learn how to grow food and then serves a meal.

Community Health Clinic services run by the University of Oklahoma provide medical care for low-income seniors or areas that don’t have a high patient to care provider ratio. You can go to one of the four clinics to get your basic medical needs looked after.

Jewish Federation of Tulsa provides some adult programs that can help you socialize with your peers. They have a Men’s Club, Ladies Who Lunch, and a Trivia Night. You can also get flu shots or attend the Institute of Adult Jewish Studies.

LIFE Senior Services has a wide variety of programs to meet the many needs of seniors. They have a day care program, tax assistance, various senior centers, Medicare assistance, care management, and senior housing options. They also have educational opportunities, a career center, and transportation assistance.

Meals on Wheels Metro Tulsa not only provides meals to seniors who can’t get out, but makes sure they have the proper nutrition, gives back to the community, and even has a program for feeding the pets of the elderly.

Neighbor For Neighbor is a nonprofit organization that helps low-income families and seniors gain access to food, clothes, and medical care. They also have housing assistance, legal aid, and a family assistance program.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services helps support seniors so they can stay in their homes and communities longer. There are adult day services, transportation options, and a senior community services employment program. You can also find personal care assistance and a senior nutrition program.

Saint Francis Hospital makes sure to give their older patients the care they need by providing specialized medical attention. This care includes online elder care resources as well as health information on things like transplants, orthopedic services, and heart or vascular services.

The Tulsa County Library can help older adults continue their education which can be useful if you need to reenter the workforce or you want to keep your mind sharp. They have an Adult Learning Center that teaches about computer literacy, switching jobs, and workplace skills.

Tulsa has many more programs for the elderly, and all of them work to enhance the life of senior citizens. If you need a particular service and don’t see it here, your best option is to call the Area Agency on Aging and have them guide you to where you need to go.

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