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Tulsa Senior Movers and Downsizers

Regardless where you go, having to move there is a stressful experience. Moving house is an inevitable part of life that can happen several times in a long life. Tulsa seniors who need to downsize face even more challenging circumstances as they try to fit their lives into a smaller, unfamiliar space.

Tulsa seniors who are downsizing need someone compassionate and experienced to guide them through the process of choosing what stays and what has to go.

A senior move manager will help Tulsa seniors handle all the details of changing homes and help find solutions for issues that arise as you downsize your living space.

Keep reading to learn how a senior move manager can help make your move less emotionally wrenching and much smoother.

How Tulsa Senior Move Managers are Different

Senior move managers offer a highly specialized service that helps seniors who are downsizing manage the move with a minimum of heartache, stress, and loss.

The SMM will help you to organize your home so you can better judge what items need to be taken care of in what way. The senior move professional will work with you to decide what needs to be kept, what needs to be thrown out and whether to sell or donate things of value that won’t fit in your new home.

Senior move professionals who are members of the NASMM are trained to handle senior-specific moving issues with compassion and understanding. Your senior move professional will also be bonded or insured and bound by the NASMM ethical code of conduct.

When to Call a Tulsa Senior Move Professional

Should an emergency precipitate a rapid move out of your home, the senior move manager will be of invaluable assistance in getting you moved with the least trouble and allow you to take care of pressing matters without worrying about the move.

Of course, the best way to proceed is to call a SMM as soon as possible before the move. With more time, you can carefully consider your decisions and ensure that precious items find the best home either with you or with friends or family.

How do I Find a Tulsa Senior Move Expert

Online searches are the easiest way to find the senior move professional that you need. Start by visiting the NASMM website to use the online search tool there. The Better Business Bureau website will show you a directory of senior move service providers in your area and their BBB rating score.

Speak with people who have used senior move services. If you’re moving to a senior community, try asking residents there what experiences they had while downsizing. You can learn important information about senior services near you, what to ask, and what to avoid.

What Does a Senior Move Expert Cost?

While the cost of a senior move manager can vary widely, AARP reports that the range nationally is about $40 to $100 per hour. You’ll also need to contract with a moving service to transport your belongings, so ask the SMM if they offer package deals to reduce your final cost.

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