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Tulsa Senior Centers

Many seniors look forward to retirement and dream of all the free time they will have, but have you thought about what you’re going to do with that free time? Tulsa has so much to offer seniors, and you can spend the rest of your time exploring new opportunities. You can go back to school and learn new skills, take the stage and show off your talents or perform with a group, hit the open road and travel the globe, or meet new people around town.

When You Want To Enjoy Some Games

If you’re not too concerned with being on the move all day, consider joining a local card or board game group. The senior centers in Tulsa have a few different options. You can play bridge at LIFE’s East Side Center and bridge or canasta at the Southminster Center.

When You Want To Learn New Things

Many seniors use their retirement to go back to school and discover new things. It’s a great way to keep your mind sharp and gives you more knowledge to share with those around you. Both Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma have an Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes. This program allows seniors 50 and older to take courses on campus by paying an annual membership. Both of LIFE’s Senior Centers also offer various classes on topics like Medicare, managing your health, and Social Security.

When You Want To Work On Your Health

Fitness is always an important part of being healthy, and especially as you age, it’s something you need to care for regularly. The local YMCA offers senior fitness classes, and you can choose from swimming, cardio, low impact, and Tai Chi. Health Zone at St. Francis also offers low impact fitness classes for joint health and strength. Hillcrest Medical Center is another place you can take senior fitness classes and get well-being checks.

When You Want To Perform

Not everyone loves being onstage but if you’re ready to shine, there are a few opportunities in Tulsa. If you don’t mind auditioning, you can join the Tulsa Oratorio Chorus. The Tulsa Praise Orchestra has both singers and instrumental musicians, but you will need a recommendation to participate. You can also take dance classes at both LIFE’s Senior Centers, and at the East Side Center, you can join the band.

When You Want To Find New Friends

Getting older can make it harder to find new friends, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are meetups throughout Tulsa, and you can find groups of people with similar interests. There are wine clubs, breakfast clubs, and even clubs for hiking. If you would like to start dating again, there are also singles groups in Tulsa.

When You Want To Hit The Open Road

Traveling during retirement can be incredibly rewarding. You have time to go all over the country and the globe and truly appreciate each new place you visit. Senior travel groups are a fun way to not only meet new people but learn more about traveling and find travel companions. Kaleo Friends is an international tour group that is more geared towards seniors and helps make international travel easy and fun.

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