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Tulsa Rehab Centers

Extended stays at the hospital often result in the need for an inpatient program that offers rehabilitation. Many times, the person has to relearn how to walk, keep their balance, communicate effectively, or even perform daily tasks. Transitional Rehab allows patients to go from a hospital setting to an inpatient facility before returning home. Tulsa has several rehab centers in the area to help.

Transitional Rehab and Other Options

Transitional rehab comes after getting discharged from acute care. You are feeling better and able to get around, but you are not yet ready to return to your home life. In many cases, you need occupational therapy to get you used to daily chores and activities once again. Your therapist may work with you on eating, getting dressed, and even bathing, by showing you different techniques and tools that will make these tasks easier to accomplish.

Tulsa Facilities

Parks Edge Nursing & Rehab Center provides one facility choice in Tulsa. The staff proves competent and gracious, and the security is up to snuff. The reported prices are on the pricier side, but that is due to the many amenities the location offers.

Legend at Tulsa Hills is a well-rated possibility. The harmony day spa on-site gives you a chance to unwind by going in the whirlpool or getting a massage. It is a great solution after a hard time of therapy where all your muscles get worked out.

Distinctive Qualities of a Superior Center

Take a tour of all the Tulsa facilities on your most-desired list. You will then get to see firsthand which option best meets your need. A superior center with distinctive qualities will provide you with the best care possible. Ensure the staff is friendly, the halls are clean, and the therapy room offers everything you could possibly require during your sessions.

If multiple locations catch your eye, consult with your doctor. He may have a recommendation based on other patients’ accounts of their time at the establishment. It could help you narrow down your choice. You may also have a friend who received treatment at one point or another. Be sure to ask their opinion as well.

Methods for Paying for Rehabilitation Services

Various methods exist to allow you to pay for rehabilitation services. The first option is to use your insurance. Medicare handles short-term skilled nursing care after a hospital stay. If you received care for more than three days and the doctor decides you need further care in an inpatient setting afterward, Medicare is more likely to cover your expenses.

Long-term health insurance through a private company is another option. You need to file a claim using the doctor’s notes and information and see what the policy covers. The rehab center you want to attend may offer additional information on paying this way.

A third option is to pay for care yourself. It may be expensive, but if you can afford to hand over the cash for your services you can just get it paid off and skip worrying about what insurance may cover. This option should only be utilized as a last resort if you truly have no coverage or do not meet their qualifications to receive care.

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