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Tulsa Nursing Homes

Living in Tulsa means residing in a vibrant town that incorporates cultural aspects from the southern, southwestern, and midwestern regions it surrounds. Residents are often down to earth and proud of their hometown. Nursing homes in the area are no different. They incorporate the same vibrant atmosphere and culture of many regions with the artwork that adorns the walls and activities people can participate in regularly. Take a look at our comprehensive list of Tulsa nursing homes to understand why they are such ideal places to reside.

Finding the Facts on Tulsa Nursing Homes

According to Genworth Financial,, Center for Disease Control, and Genworth Cost of Care Survey Oklahoma:

The daily price for a semi-private room will rise from $145 to $195 in less than ten years.

There is expected to be a four percent growth in the next five years for annual nursing home costs.

Germ outbreaks are especially high in nursing homes, making cleanliness a top priority.

The yearly price for a Tulsa nursing home is more than $26,000 lower than the United States average.

There are 20 Medicare-certified nursing homes within 10 miles of Tulsa.

Staying in a Home

Everyone stays in a nursing home for a different duration of time. While you may stay there for two years or more, your neighbor may only be around for a few months. Another person may come and go in just a few short weeks. It depends on the situation and what type of services you require from the facility.

Say you had a fall and broke your leg. Your prognosis looks good, but you do need physical therapy a few times a week to get back on your feet. You can stay at a skilled nursing facility to work toward improving your strength and getting back your full range of motion. Once you complete your sessions, you can return home.

Long-term care is often for those who struggle to handle daily tasks on their own. You may need assistance eating and bathing. The nursing staff has to regularly monitor your vitals and check up on you throughout the day. In this instance, you will stay from the time you move in until the time when you are no longer for this world.

Provided Services

Numerous services take place at a nursing home, depending on what you need. You can have your meals specially prepared based on doctor’s orders. If you require a particular type of food, such as gluten-free because of an allergy, the chef on staff will prepare your meal accordingly. Every person gets to choose from a menu and enjoy their meal in the dining hall.

Therapy sessions allow residents to regain strength, coordination, and balance. You can take occupational therapy to relearn how to perform daily tasks, or physical therapy to gain back movement. Speech therapy gets offered primarily to stroke patients who have to gain back their ability to speak to correlate words and pictures. The on-site therapy room provides everything one could need for either of these services.

Assistance with medical and personal needs is also provided. A nurse will help you bathe, get dressed, or eat. She will also make sure you take your medication and check your vital signs to ensure you remain in good health. Most nursing homes partner with local physicians so people can get seen immediately upon discovery of a health issue. Once a problem is noticed, the nurse will contact your doctor so he can either come directly to you or you can get taken to his clinic by ambulance.

Residents hoping to look and feel their best can utilize the salon services on-site at many locations. While not all places have this, some do offer hair care services. You can get your hair brushed nicely or even get a cut or color. Many choose to pay for these services often, while others take advantage of them during special times, such as before a family holiday party.

Nursing Home Rates

According to the Genworth Cost of Care Survey, Tulsa has a significantly lower price for nursing home rates than the average across the U.S. You only have to pay $64,788 for a private room and $57,488 for a semi-private option. The price will grow by four percent in the next five years, but still never reach the United States averages of over $91,000 and $80,000 respectively.

Use Medicare and Medicaid to pay your expenses. They will not always cover all of it, so be sure to expect some of the cost to come out of your pocket. Find a Medicare-certified facility so you can be sure they will accept the payment from your insurance company first before you get billed for the remainder.

Qualities of the Right Nursing Home

You won’t know the right nursing home until you see it. Visit some of the top locations and see for yourself which place has the best vibe for you. You can ask around to see what some recommendations are in the area. Speak with your friends and neighbors to find some well-liked places to visit.

Some of the top qualities include a clean atmosphere, licensed facility, varied menu, friendly staff, and abundance of activities offered. You may also want top-notch amenities to keep your time filled and your stay comfortable. One of the most valuable qualities, though, is whether or not Medicare certifies the place. Chances are that you will be using Medicare to pay for at least a portion of your stay. If the facility is not Medicare-certified, you will not be able to choose that option. Use the site’s search tool to look up all the possibilities in Tulsa and the surrounding areas. There are 38 nursing homes within 25 miles of Tulsa.

When you still need assistance making your decision, contact the Tri-County Council on Aging. A representative can provide you with a list of the top choices in the area. This list will help you narrow down your answer.

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