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Tulsa Neighborhood Guide

Talk about living in Tulsa, and many people would think about the nationally-known Tulsa Raceway Park. This major attraction brings plenty of tourists to the area and is still a popular draw among the locals as well. Tulsa has much more to offer than just this one attraction, though, with numerous amenities and popular neighborhoods to enjoy.

Tulsa Neighborhoods to Explore

The Riverview Historic District calls history aficionados home. The area features homes from the 20th century, along with varying architectural styles of buildings galore. Tudor Revival and Colonial Revival are included. High-end homes reside in this district, making it attractive to the middle and upper class.

The Brady Arts District of Tulsa is not only home to many artistic talents and galleries, but it also features lots of restaurants. You can enjoy an art show and then head out for a bite to eat right after. The Corvid Gallery sits near Prhyme, the Downtown Steakhouse.

Senior Living in Tulsa

Seniors looking to live life to the fullest can take up residence in Brookside. The neighborhood is known for its martini bars, cafes, and entertainment venues. The social scene keeps people coming back for more, as there are plenty of others in the area to get to know and enjoy their company. While the extravagant nightlife is a major draw, the safety of the area is also a pull for residents. Patrons often come on foot and spend their days shopping and exploring the sector.

Many seniors desire a quieter lifestyle once they retire. Jenks is primarily known for families, but it offers a strong presence of cultural activities and outdoor amenities, plus an ideal cost of living that makes it worthwhile. Parks and libraries provide something to do when you want to get out of the house and enjoy quiet time elsewhere.

Thinking About the Tulsa Neighborhood of Your Dreams

You should always think about the Tulsa neighborhood of your dreams and put together a list of criteria to meet those demands before settling on a new home. You do not want to end up in a less than stellar location because you did not take the time to research all of the communities in your area thoroughly.

The neighborhoods listed here are all ideal with many amenities. They are not the only options, though, as there are much more in Tulsa to choose from once you take a closer look. Bixby, McCord, Broken Arrow and Owasso are some of the family-friendly options that work well for seniors thanks to the many outdoor amenities and high level of safety they offer. Hominy is ideal because of the low cost of living, which earns an A according to Niche. Morris is the same, along with a high diversity grade for a range in demographic composition.

Consider the safety, demographics, amenities, and other important aspects that you desire in a home, and it will help you to narrow your choices for the right neighborhood. Once you have limited your options, you can choose the best possible selection for your lifestyle needs.

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