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Tulsa In-Home Care

In-home care options vary widely throughout Tulsa. They are one of the many choices when it comes to care services that seniors can select. Homemaker services, home health aides, and even online shopping all come together to make it possible for older adults to remain in their homes rather than relocating to a nursing home. The high cost of care is worrisome for most, but in-home options are less costly than residing in a full-time facility. It is important for Tulsa residents to look at the facts to determine if home care is truly the best choice for them.

Home Care Tulsa Agencies

The Oklahoma State Department of Health provides a full rulebook regarding home care agencies and their requirements. The primary provision indicates all home care agencies and related businesses must receive licensing from the state before they can provide services. They must also maintain liability insurance and obtain a business registration with the Secretary of State.

Before settling on an agency, always be sure they are licensed and following the rules set forth by the state of Oklahoma. Unlicensed companies are not safe to work with since they do not have the proper regulations in place. You can also check with the Tulsa Better Business Bureau to determine if the company is accredited and see what type of rating they received.

The Senior Advisor website is a useful resource when looking for reviews on home care agencies. Many people agree on the same characteristics:

Compassion: “Responsible and compassionate help through the period of our mother’s illness,” says one reviewer. “I am extremely grateful for the compassion and personalized care,” states another.

Professionalism: “The office staff is professional,” one woman indicates. “They were all well-groomed, professionally dressed, and obviously well-trained to handle anything I might need,” a client tells their story.

Kindness: “All your staff and personnel who came to care for my mother were extremely courteous, kind, and helpful,” told a family member. “They are doing much better… due to the frequent visits and encouragement,” writes a neighbor.

A kind, courteous, compassionate, and professional caregiver is the one seniors want. Never settle for less than this.

Receiving Home Care on Your Schedule

One of the most beneficial aspects of home care is that it allows you to set your schedule. You can pick and choose when a caregiver arrives to offer you the services you need. Receiving care on your schedule lets you plan your weeks in advance and ensure you have proper appointments set for each day.

While one senior may require a caregiver in the mornings, you may want yours to show up in the afternoons. Your friend may receive help with cooking and cleaning, while you just require a nurse to check your vital signs, dress a wound, and administer medication. Every person is going to have a different timetable for their day and list of services required in that timeframe.

Selecting the Right Home Care Options in Tulsa

Not only do you have to consider the agency, but you also should consider the alternative choices to an agency-provided care. For example, you can forgo the agency altogether and hire a caregiver yourself. The direct-hire approach is well-liked by some, as it allows you to choose an employee of your liking, rather than being assigned one you never met. You get to meet up with different people and determine who truly meets your qualifications.

You do not have to use both homemaker services and a home health aide in your home care approach. You can have a family member over some of the time, a health aide for a portion of the day, and then utilize local concierge services for anything else you need. You can even have a direct-hire employee some of the time, and allow an agency to send over someone else for another duration. This approach ensures you always have methods for getting your needs taken care of immediately.

Local concierge services include apps like Rover that allow you to hire someone to walk your dog, and Amazon Prime that ships your orders right to your door. Favor is another option. This service sends a driver to pick up take out for you from a restaurant that does not have its own delivery service. They will also take your laundry to the dry cleaner’s, get groceries, and even pick up your prescriptions. You have to download the app to use the service.

Tulsa Care Costs and Finding Ways to Pay

Tulsa care costs fall in line with the median prices offered across the United States. You may pay around $20 per hour for homemaker services, totaling $45,760 for the entire year. A home health aide costs slightly more, requiring you to pay an average price of $48,858 annually. These rates are expected to grow by three and two percent over the next five years, making the rates higher than ever before. With such high payments expected, it is important to find ways to pay that will not leave you broke.

The aged, blind, and disabled all qualify for Medicaid. This low-income insurance option provides coverage for many long-term care choices, including homemaker services and home health aides. You can apply online via the health care website or head to your local DHS office. There are two main offices in Tulsa, one at 3666 N. Peoria and another at 444 S. Houston.

Visit the Oklahoma Insurance Office at their Tulsa location to discuss Medicare benefits. The building sits at 7645 E. 63rd St., Suite 102. You can also call the Oklahoma Medicare Assistance Program at (405) 521-6628 to receive information regarding eligibility requirements. Medicare is for 65-year-old seniors and above. Various parts make up the entire plan, with Part A indicating services for hospital stays and home care. Long-term care is not covered, but short-term requirements are, such as when a person just got home from surgery or has a chronic condition that requires them to get help regularly throughout the week. Only home health aide services get covered under this plan, and not homemaker options.

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