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Losing a loved one is difficult, and you want the best memorial service.  Choosing the right funeral home can help get a proper service and assist you with your grief process.  Planning a funeral will take a toll on your emotions.  As you plan, remember that funeral homes are in business to make money.  You will want to compare multiple funeral homes’ prices and services to get the best value for your loved one’s memorial service.

Consumer rights

Both state and federal laws mandate funeral homes to give consumers a list of all prices.  Funeral homes have a General Price List that outlines costs.  You can request pricing over the phone. The Federal Trade Commission Funeral Law requires services to be available to purchase without buying a package.  After you chose the products and services, the funeral home will provide a detailed price list to show what each item costs.

Here are some other rights you have as a consumer:

You can choose various burial containers other than a casket for cremation.

You can purchase a casket or cremation container anywhere (online or another store) and use it at any funeral home for the burial. You do not have to buy from the funeral home hosting the service.

You will receive a detailed list showing the pricing of each product and service before the funeral.

You can refuse to embalm. It is not a required service. By law, funeral homes must obtain either your written or verbal permission before starting this process.  

Some funeral homes, like Strode Funeral Home, provide their General Price List directly on their website. Caskets can be quite costly, but there are several options with materials and style. Several funeral homes list only the price range. Moore Funeral Home lists various caskets available without showing the cost.

Deciding on a funeral home

Shopping around ahead of time is easier since you are not as emotional.  However, that is not always possible. Ask your friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations.  Search for online reviews to find some feedback.  The Better Business Bureau has a search function to find BBB-accredited business, including funeral homes.  Verify a funeral home or director’s license on the Oklahoma Funeral Board website.

After you narrow down to a few funeral homes, compare the cost of the service by using their General Price Lists.  You will also need to include prices of caskets or cremation containers.  The Federal Trade Commission offers a Funeral Pricing Checklist to help you with your search.

Budget, budget, budget

You want the best for your loved one, but don't go into debt during the process.  Prices add up quickly. There are numerous ways you can save money without compromising the quality of the service. Determine how much you can really afford and tell the funeral director exactly what you want to spend. The Funeral Consumers Alliance of North Texas also services Oklahoma and helps consumers plan a reasonable memorial service.  With membership, you will get information on keeping costs low. 

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