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Tulsa Concierge Services

You want to be able to stay in your home as you age and concierge services can help you do that. Once reserved for fancy hotels, concierge services are accessible to most people. Online providers have made it simple to find assistance with almost any task. Concierge services are great for homebound seniors or family caregivers that need a little extra help to finish everything.

The Search For Concierge Services

When you start your search for concierge services, you might find it hard to find providers if you don’t look in the right places. Many providers, such as TaskRabbit, don’t go by the name concierge services. TaskRabbit handles all your errands including taking your car to the shop, dropping off your dry cleaning, or buying your groceries and preparing meals. Here are a few more Tulsa concierge service providers.

Amazon Home Services is an easy way to find professionals in your area to help with your house and yard. All people listed are licensed and have gone through background checks.

Click Shop Grocery allows you to do all your grocery shopping online and then delivers your items to your house. They have hundreds of items on their website. If they don’t have what you need, you can put in a special request for that item.

Guardian Angels is a concierge service that can help you with personal tasks like grocery shopping, organizing your house, or paying your bills. They also have senior-specific services like pharmacy pickups, well-being checks, and meal planning.

Handyman Services of Tulsa employs various home professionals such as plumbers or carpenters. They can help you with a repair or remodel need you may have; just call for a quote and they will send the right person for the job.

IONutrition delivers freshly prepared meals right to your doorstep. They have three different meal plans, and you can choose how many meals you would like to get each week. If you need to be on a special diet, this is a good option.

MaidPro can help you keep your house clean with regular cleanings or deep cleanings. They have a detailed list of all the things they will clean and then you can add other items as needed.

My Choice In Home Senior Services has concierge services for seniors. They can take care of things like medication reminders, transportation to appointments, and grocery pick-up and meal preparation.

Pawsitively Responsible Pet Sitters offers a variety of pet services. You can have someone come in and do a quick check and potty break while you’re at work. Or, you can have a full-time pet sitter while you’re on vacation. They also have a pet taxi to take pets to the groomer or vet if you can’t.

Rover is another site that will help you find pet sitters or dog walkers based on your budget. Enter your price range and find someone that fits the bill. Most 30-minute walks cost between $10 and $25.

The Right Concierge Service

Sifting through all the providers in your way can seem intimidating, but it’s important to find someone that works well with all your needs. You can start your search online through websites like the Better Business Bureau of Tulsa, or you can ask for recommendations from trusted friends and relatives. All these options will help you get a better feel for each company you look at when you make your final decision.

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