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Tulsa Assisted Living

Moving to assisted living is a significant change from your normal daily life.  Don’t let this change make you nervous or stressed.  You are probably wondering how you will pay for assisted living, how much it costs, how you will find the right community, and what your daily life will be.  Good news is that paying for your assisted living care may not be as difficult to pay for as you might imagine.  This article will give you a good overview of assisted living in the Tulsa area and will help answer some of these questions.

Average Tulsa assisted living prices

Assisted living in Tulsa is slightly less than the national average, which was around $3,600 a month in 2016. The median price for assisted living care in Tulsa was around $3,300 monthly. These numbers seem high to you, but you will notice prices will vary depending on location, amenities, and style of assisted living community. For example, Go Ye Village Retirement Village offers one-bedroom units starting around $1,295 a month. Green Tree Assisted Living offers units that can range up to $5,800. You can find several communities that fall in between this range.

Assisted living that caters your interests

You can find assisted living communities that meet your interests including faith-based care, luxury, or city living. Some communities are pet-friendly allowing you to bring your cat or dog. You will need to check the community’s policy on size, number, and extra fees for having a pet. Saint Simeon’s Senior Community offers 50 acres of beautiful grounds in the Osage Hills of Tulsa, and residents enjoy regular visits from wildlife, including peacocks, and also tend to the resident garden.  University Village Retirement Community gives residents the option to live in a private cottage while still enjoying all the amenities of assisted living. There is a trolley service multiple times a day and also a Cottage Concierge.  As you can see, there are several places to meet your interests, whether you want your cottage or want to live in the midst of city living.

Finding your assisted living community in Tulsa

Do you know what lifestyle you want to live?  Are you interested in nature or city life? Is there a service you must have such as a barbershop onsite?  Do you want your pet to live with you? Take time to know what you want.  Then you can begin to narrow down your choices based on locations and amenities.  Ask around to get opinions and referrals from your neighbors, friends, family, or anyone you know that has a connection to assisted living. Online reviews are also helpful for insight. You can also speak to a senior care advisor who is familiar with the Tulsa area. Care Patrol offers free senior placement assistance through expert advisors who will meet with you and the facilities to help you determine the right fit. Take your advisor and family members with you on your community visits so you can get other opinions and ideas.  Sometimes someone will see something you don’t or think of a question you hadn’t considered. The most important questions to have answered are what your monthly bill covers, which services are extra, how much are the extra fees, and what happens when you need additional care. SeniorAdvisor’s Assisted Living Guidebook provides an expansive list of questions you should ask including paying for care, residency agreements, social activities, medication and health care, policies, and more.

Paying your bill

The price of assisted living may be very intimidating at first. When you compare living at home and hiring similar services to help you with your everyday life, the price may be lower depending on what facility you choose. When you compare your home to assisted living costs, you need to consider all expenses such as taxes, utilities, mortgage, upkeep, and possible repairs now and in the future. In addition to these costs, you need to add the costs of services such as a visiting health aide and a housekeeper.

To pay for your assisted living costs, you can sell your house and use the money you earn after all taxes and fees. Don’t worry; there are other options if you don’t want to sell your home.

Please note that Medicare and health insurance do not cover assisted living costs, which many people may not know.  Workers’ disability insurance also does not pay assisted living costs.

If you are a low-income senior with minimal assets, Medicaid may be an option. To learn if you are eligible or find out more information, visit Oklahoma’s government benefits website.

If you are a veteran or a widow of a veteran who served during a time of war, you may qualify for VA Aid & Attendance pension.  You or your spouse must have served during a time of war, but not necessarily in combat.  Contact your Oklahoma regional VA benefits office to learn more or to apply.  Please note that this process can be lengthy and take several months from start to finish.

Long-term care insurance policies also cover assisted living expenses.  If you have a policy, you should meet with your agent ahead of time to make sure you completely understand your coverage, exclusions, and payout limits. For example, some policies only cover assisted living services and not room and board expenses. It is also important to make sure your bill is paid on time to prevent a lapse in coverage.  Automatic bill pay will ensure this won’t happen by automatically paying your bill for you.

If you need to keep your home for your spouse and you need cash, you may consider a reverse mortgage that gives you the equity out of your home. There are some life insurance policies you can cash out early.  Be aware that both of these options carry tax and fees.  Make sure you know all details before deciding. It’s best if you discuss these options with a tax advisor, and attorney, or your financial advisor before making this big decision.

Hopefully, this article has helped you get a little more familiar with assisted living in the Tulsa area.  You can continue to investigate your options on SeniorAdvisor, which offers information on award-winning care, neighborhood information, reviews on facilities, price estimates, and much more.

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