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Social Security for Tulsa Seniors

Tulsa does not have a significant social security administration presence, but there is an office that provides assistance to all residents. You can also head online to receive services if you do not wish to wait in line at the facility. Seniors who have a hard time understanding the application process should still visit a live person to be able to receive help with filling out the forms.

Searching for Social Security Services in Tulsa

There is one main social security office in Tulsa. Its location is 4750 S Garnett Rd. Before heading in, you can reach a representative at (866) 931-7106 to ask any questions related to the services you need. Your questions may include which documents you need and how long the procedure takes to complete.

You also have the option to dial the toll-free number at (800) 772-1213. You will receive the same amount of courtesy and response time from this number as you will the direct Tulsa line. There may just be a long wait in the beginning before being able to speak to someone since the line is accessible to anyone in the U.S.

Accessing Services In-Person

Head into your local office and access services in-person. Most people visit the office when they want to apply for benefits or just request a replacement card. Having a live person to speak to about the matter is highly beneficial for many seniors, as it ensures they can ask any questions they have and immediately have them answered.

Requesting a replacement card is simple. Provide your birth certificate and ID to prove your identity and address. With this information, the agent can request a new card from the state and ensure it gets sent in the mail in less than two weeks.

The application process is much more complicated and requires further information. While you must still provide your birth certificate and ID to prove your identity, you must also offer your check stubs, doctor’s notes, mortgage or rent agreements, and any other verifying information that prove your identity, income, and illness. Without this information, you will not be able to submit your application. It also takes months for the administration to complete the process, so you want to get started as soon as possible.

Accessing Services Online

You can access services online to avoid having to head into an office location. It allows you to skip the line and immediately access the information you need. Online services include the same options as an in-person facility. You can request a social security card replacement, change your address, and apply for benefits. Some options do not allow you to submit until you sign up for an account. The process is fast and easy and gives you full access to all of your information.

The “my Social Security” account requires only a few important details. First, you must provide your legal name and full address. Next, you have to enter your social security number. You must use a valid email address where you will receive notifications about your account. Without a valid email address, you cannot complete the sign-up process.

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