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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Tulsa

Losing a job can be an inconvenience and a chance to find a new and possibly more rewarding position. However, what happens when someone over the age of 55 loses their job?

The mature worker has usually been in one job for many years, and can’t conceive of working anywhere else. The senior job-seeker has lost the important skills necessary to find gainful employment. Resume writing is usually a shock, and the new skills required in many positions they apply to can seem overwhelming to learn.

A 2015 study by AARP confirms the challenges that face the senior unemployed. According to this study, unemployed seniors can expect to take much longer than younger job-seekers to find new employment. In addition to this, the new job is usually less well-paid and will provide fewer work hours than the last position held.

While it is true that the odds are stacked against the unemployed over age 55, there are many resources available to make the journey back to employment less stressful, less overwhelming, and more rewarding for Tulsa seniors.

Continue reading to find out just some of the strategies and resources you can use to get your work-life back on track.

Resources for Tulsa Senior Job-Seekers

There are a plethora of online resources that Tulsa seniors can use to find companies that want to hire mature workers.

Workforce 50 is an easy to navigate website that provides a wide range of helpful information and guides to the unemployed Tulsa senior. Peruse the comprehensive job directory, read the informative blog, and avail yourself of their resourceful guides for senior job-seekers.

The Senior Job Bank is another handy online source of job listings and valuable information that is dedicated to getting companies and mature workers together. The Senior Job Bank actively solicits companies to offer jobs for seniors on their website.

Tulsa Seniors Can Get On-The-Job Training

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a program that will guide low-income and unemployed seniors through a subsidized on-the-job training program that can last up to two years.

As a participant, you will be given career guidance and tutoring while being placed in any of a wide range of industries. You can be placed in any situation, from state/federal agencies, local schools, non-profits, and various private companies.

What Else can Tulsa Seniors Do?

There are many ways to get back into the workforce. Volunteering is a great way to learn new schools, network, and impress an organization with your talents and abilities. As a volunteer, you become a “known quantity” to management who may need someone in a recently opened paid position.

Consider the advantages of self-employment! If you have a marketable skill like accounting, one of the trades, or even good academic skills, you can find a way to turn that into a successful business.

Use this guide as a start; with determination and persistence, you’ll find yourself back in the workforce and possibly better off than before.

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