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Medicare in Tulsa

Tulsa seniors looking to improve their health situation should look into Medicare. The health insurance plan comes in separate parts, each of which comes together to create an all-in-one health plan that meets seniors needs especially well. Numerous resources in the Tulsa area ensure all residents looking into Medicare can find the information they need to make it a success for them.

Short Description of Medicare

Medicare is essentially a quartet of services. It comes in four sections, each known as Parts A through D. You can choose to use just one, or several of them, to create the ultimate insurance plan to meet your needs. Every component has its own set of services that handles particular care options.

Part A focuses on short stays in hospitals, hospice care, and skilled nursing facilities.

Part B allows people to have regular doctor visits, lab work completed, x-rays done, and receive necessary medical equipment.

Part C combines A and B. Private companies sell Medicare Part C as a way to bring in income and offer affordable solutions to customers.

Part D ensures seniors can pick up the various prescriptions they need to take on a regular basis.

Once you receive your card, it will indicate precisely which parts you have, indicating the services you have access to for the time being.

A Few Facts Regarding Medicare in Tulsa

108,250 people receive Medicare in Tulsa.

Medicare costs reach $629 million in Tulsa.

The per capita costs reach $8,595.

The average beneficiary age in Tulsa is 70.

55% of Medicare recipients in Tulsa are women.

Office Locations for Tulsa Medicare Assistance

Social security offices contain everything applicants need to apply for Medicare. They are the primary Medicare solution in many areas, including Tulsa. The Tulsa Social Security Office sits at 4750 S. Garnett Road. It opens at 9 am and closes by 4 pm. It only operates Monday through Friday.

Seniors who do not want to stand in line, or who need assistance on the weekends, can utilize the telephone number or online option to reach out to a representative. The number to call is (866) 931-7106. Visit the U.S. Social Security website to apply online. To use this service, you must first create an account. Once you receive benefits, you can manage them through this account platform from there on out.

Providers Who Accept Medicare in Tulsa

Numerous providers accept Medicare in Tulsa. It just might take some time to find the right one. You can use Medicare’s Physician Compare results to determine a doctor close by that meets your needs. Search by city and specialty to find even more accurate results.

Enter “Tulsa, OK,” in the location field and search for a name, specialty, or condition to find the right physician. Many seniors search for geriatric medicine or hospice care. Hospice/palliative care pulls up 12 results in Tulsa. The list includes group practices and solo clinicians. The AHS Oklahoma Physician Group is one option located at 1120 S Utica Avenue.

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