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Medicaid in Tulsa

More than 801,000 Oklahoma residents receive Medicaid. The insurance option for low-income families and individuals ensures people of all ages get the health care they need. Seniors have a particular need for medical care, as they begin to experience numerous ailments and struggles that younger generations do not usually have. Tulsa includes various resources for seniors looking into Medicaid requirements.

Which Qualifications Must Medicaid Recipients Meet?

SoonerCare is the Medicaid program offered in Oklahoma. To qualify, hopeful recipients must be at a low-income level and eligible to receive assistance through the state. The aged, the blind, and the disabled all qualify.

Who Offers Help for Filling Out Applications?

The federal Health Care website allows seniors to apply for Medicaid online. After entering all necessary data, a determination is made based on income eligibility and age. Oklahoma’s SoonerCare website also offers an online application. Register first to get access to all areas of the site. The Oklahoma Health Care Authority verifies all information you provide before issuing a determination for services.

While the online forms are ideal for those who are tech-savvy, many people prefer meeting with an agent in person and discussing details. You can visit your local office to get help filling out the application and submitting all necessary documents. Two Tulsa County DHS agencies exist in the area. You can use either one for your questions. The first location is 3666 N. Peoria. The second building sits at 444 S. Houston.

You can print out the application from the website and send it in the mail instead. You may still need questions answered beforehand, though, which is why there is a helpline available. Call the SoonerCare Helpline at 1-800-987-7767.

Do Seniors Receive Services Through Medicaid?

Seniors receive the same services as any other Medicaid recipient. You get to go to the doctor when needed, have lab work completed, have an x-ray, receive prescription medications, and much more. Medicaid covers these costs for anyone of any age.

Specific senior services get covered when the need arises. The time comes when a person proves unable to handle their own care. They may need to move to a nursing home facility full time, or have an in-home caregiver handle their needs. Both options get covered by Medicaid for a duration. In-home options are usually available for up to 16 hours per day, while nursing facilities may offer three to six months on average, depending on the circumstances. To find out all details, you need to speak with your doctor and insurance provider.

Does Anyone Provide Medical Appointment Transportation?

Medicaid provides medical appointment transportation. There are various van and bus shuttles available that book appointment times and show up within the designated timeframe to take the patient to their doctor visit. This program ensures seniors who are unable to drive themselves are still receiving the routine care they need to remain as healthy as possible. You must book your transportation in advance, so you are sure to have a ride available on the specified date.

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