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Best of Tulsa Senior Living

Needing help with daily tasks becomes inevitable as people age. You start to lose some of your strength and find it difficult to handle everyday chores on your own. Tulsa is home to several award-winning senior care providers that can assist you as you age. discusses the qualifications it takes to get selected for this list. Take a peek to see the various offerings in your area and find the right place for you to reside.

Retirement Facilities That Offer Assistance

Seniors often settle at retirement facilities because others their age are around to socialize. You don’t have to be stuck in your old house wondering what to do with yourself now that you have finished working. An assisted living location that offers help with personal care is the best retirement option if you can get around on your own for the most part, yet still, need some help with smaller tasks.

University Village Retirement Community earned the best of assisted living award for a reason. The facility employees a full spectrum of living options. With countless amenities, spacious floor plans, and exceptional service, it is easy to see why so many residents enjoy their time at this establishment. The location has remained open for more than 40 years and won the award several times already. You and your loved ones receive adequate accommodations and service when you arrive and every day after that.

Some people have simply taken a tour through the place and already realized it was an excellent fit. “I had a good experience,” retells one visitor. “The staff was all very friendly… They were able to answer my questions.” Another person writes, “they were a very nice community to see on my tour. The staff and care were all really well.”

Care for Alzheimer’s and Memory Issues

Memory problems develop rapidly in older adults. Symptoms that start out as minimal memory loss could turn into Alzheimer’s or dementia. If your loved one begins to experience the symptoms associated with either of these advanced diseases, it may be necessary to move them to a care facility that can accommodate their special needs. The establishment will be fully secure, so no one can wander and be staffed by well-trained nurses who specialize in this area.

Tulsa Assisted Living & Memory Care earned its "Best of" title. The large establishment prides itself on offering family-oriented care you can count on no matter what. Not only does the center focus on people with memory problems, but also those with diabetes. The community garden allows residents to participate in growing their own food. The healthy options are ideal for people with diabetes in particular.

When you receive a tour, you get a free lunch as well. This bonus makes it easy to see why so many reviewers had so many nice things to say after their visits. Some agree the place looks like a hotel rather than a nursing home. It is a beautiful and elegant facility with a lot to offer. “My mom really likes it there,” writes one woman. “She is more active and eats healthier.”

Retirement Facility That Provides Independence

Some people retire early so they can spend their time enjoying activities they like. Not everyone has friends going through the same situation, though, which can lead to a lot of time spent alone. Moving to a retirement facility that provides independence is the best option in this case. You get to socialize with other retirees and find friends to enjoy activities with each day.

University Village Retirement Community has an independent living section as well as an assisted one. There are cottage-like houses available for rent that let you experience a fun living arrangement. You can also stay in the typical part of the independent living section, in either a one or two-bedroom apartment.

Reviewers like that this is “a big community.” Staff is also “supportive and understanding.” There is a “great backyard for pets.” All in all, the location seems ideal for many people for numerous reasons.

Town Village Tulsa provides an alternative solution. A billiards room sits atop the stairs, while a fully equipped fitness center gives residents access to exercise in another area. There are other locations throughout the facility for games and other activities, including an outdoor patio where people can sit and enjoy the fresh air.

More than 20 reviews let people see why Town Village is so well-liked. “Everyone has been very welcoming since [our father’s] move,” one family writes. “The staff is very wonderful. They are very encouraging.” Another person says their mom loves it there because of all that gets offered. “They have activities available for the residents when they are ready to participate,” she indicates.

Residential Homes for Groups

Rather than staying in a facility setting, many people prefer a homey feel. Residential homes meant for groups of seniors may be the right choice. You get to stay in a family-owned house with just a few other residents. Each person receives their own bedroom, and everyone shares the common areas. The caregivers look after you as needed and provide any services you require.

Only a few group homes provide the small setting people desire in Tulsa. Not many have yet earned their title, but are well on their way. Harvard Homes is one of the best contenders. The staff focuses on Alzheimer’s and dementia patients who require extra supervision. Each person gets their own room, and the nursing staff checks on the residents regularly. There is even a doctor on call just in case he’s needed, any time of the day.

One review says she would give Harvard Homes “a 10 out of 5!” There are only six residents in the small establishment, meaning everyone gets their own room and care is personalized. Another person says, “it’s always flawless.” The woman discusses how calls are answered promptly and the place is always well-maintained, even when she shows up unannounced.

Take a look at the compiled list of all winners across the state. Tulsa and other cities in Oklahoma made quite the splash this year.

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