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Tucson Support Groups for Caregivers

Sometimes, aging family members and loved ones need full-time care and a family caregiver is called on to provide it. It can be a difficult job, but because it is such an important one there are many Tucson-area agencies that can help. Family caregivers can look to non-profits in the city, health care providers, county and city agencies, and programs available through the state to provide support, resources, and assistance. It’s important that caregivers take good care of themselves so that they can care for loved ones, and these four Tucson resources offer programs that offer support, and a break from caregiving responsibilities.

The Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter

The Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter helps patients and families in over 20 counties in the state through services provided by their four offices located in Tucson, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Prescott. Their programs include support groups, educational services, helplines, advocacy, social work services, and fundraisers. Caregivers find many of their services useful, including those mentioned here.

Every month support groups are available to caregivers in the area. Meetings are held at locations throughout the city, and it’s free to participate. Caregivers come together to discuss ideas, challenges and provide emotional support to one another.

For immediate questions and assistance, you can contact the 24-hour help hotline by phone at (800) 272-3900. You can also log online to the ALZConnected message boards any time of the day or night to connect with other family members and caregivers who are impacted by the disease.

Education programs are held periodically for caregivers and family members to spread knowledge on topics pertinent to the disease like “Effective Communication Strategies” and “Understanding and Responding to Dementia-Related Behavior.” Register for upcoming programs by calling 800.272.3900.

Pima Council on Aging

The Pima Council on Aging (PCOA) provides a wide array of community resources and services to seniors and their caregivers in Tucson. They offer consultations to individuals and families, provide assistance and information on senior programs in the area, coordinate support groups, and have classes to give caregivers practical skills that they will use daily with their loved ones. They also maintain a network of providers that they can refer you to if you have specific questions or need specialized services. Call their helpline at (520) 790-7262 or visit their office at 8467 E Broadway Blvd. for more information.

Southern Arizona VA Healthcare System

Veterans in Tucson have a plethora of healthcare options available to them through the local VA, and their caregivers can access a number of those services as well. Helpful programs include:

caregiver support through peer groups VA support hotline (855) 260-3274 for questions any time day or night programs that provide adult day care in Tucson providers who offer respite care in the home providers who offer primary medical care in the home homemaker, skilled nursing, and home health aides who can give caregivers respite and assistance with care in the home hospice services at home

To determine eligibility and inquire about programs, call the caregiver support coordinator at 520-792-1450.

Arizona Division of Aging and Adult Services

The Arizona Division of Aging and Adult Services provides help for seniors and their caregivers through a number of programs. They are also a good contact for questions about Medicaid and what types of respite care it may pay for. Contact them at (602) 542-4446 for more information.

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