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Tucson Senior Services

Senior living is good in Tucson, Arizona where you wake up every morning to a gorgeous sunrise over one of the majestic mountains that surround the city. It’s easy to stay fit in Tucson’s wide open spaces that are perfect for biking, running, golf, tennis, or walking. After exercising, take in some authentic Mexican cuisine, complete with fresh, handmade flour or corn tortillas, and chili, or freshly made salsa. There is no need to dress up for a night out. Denim and cotton, or any kind of casual dress works quite nicely. Check out some of the senior services that Tucson offers its seniors.

City of Tucson Senior Services Plan has the goal of making sure that seniors have access to essential services and resources to help meet their needs and enhance their quality of life. The plan focuses on the six key areas of housing, health and wellness, transportation, information and referral, safety and security, and recreation.

Tucson Medical Center for Seniors at El Dorado offers a program to help seniors with direct medical services and linkage to social services and programs. The program offers support for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, family caregiver support, Medicare prescription benefits, counseling, memory training programs, educational classes, and opportunities for volunteering.

Southern Arizona Association for the Visually Impaired (SAAVI) was developed to provide dynamic and progressive programs and services for individuals with vision loss. SAAVI recognizes that nearly everyone loses sight with age and that losing vision is a frightening and frustrating experience for seniors. Their programs help seniors perform daily activities such as cooking, sewing, and other home management skills with confidence. Computer program training helps seniors use technology to help them communicate and accomplish other tasks. They also provide social clubs, art clubs, and transportation navigation assistance.

The Red Rose is a concierge service that provides personalized services for seniors. This service does many of the things that seniors cannot do for themselves such as grocery shopping, running errands, transportation needs, pet sitting, companion care, party service, meal preparation, moving services, and more.

Jewish Family and Child Services of Southern Arizona has a program called Jewish Elder Access. The program fills the gaps of other government and local programs by providing help with senior housing, home repairs, housekeeping, personal care, meal preparation, transportation, grocery shopping, Shabbat services, and other errands. They also provide care management, counseling, health services, legal assistance, insurance assistance, employment assistance, financial aid, and medical supplies.

Lend A Hand is a non-profit organization that uses a community approach of community members lending a helping hand to those who need help. Volunteers check in on seniors during hot, summer days. The Southern Arizona Senior Pride group collaborates with other organizations to support LGBT seniors. The program also offers a Senior Writing Project, senior field trips, and other events.

Tuscon is not as large as many other U.S. cities, but it is definitely a city that pulls the community together in the spirit of helping seniors. The spirit of family and community makes Tucson as beautiful of a community as the natural beauty that surrounds it.

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