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Tucson Senior Realtors

Tucson is home to five dozen senior realtors trained to help you with the emotional and financial burden of selling and purchasing a home, as well as downsizing into a smaller home. These professionals work hand-in-hand with other specialists to meet a senior’s every need during this tumultuous time.

Senior Realtor Professionals in Tucson

Senior realtors in Tucson are trained and certified either through the National Association of Realtors as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) or through the Seniors Real Estate Institute as a Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP). The CSHP designation is only available in 23 states, including Arizona. Both certifications are for senior realtors that specialize in the special needs of senior citizens.

These needs can be both emotional and financial. Senior realtors understand the psychological stress seniors endure when moving from their home of many years into a smaller house or assisted living community. The financial constraints seniors are faced with when planning long-term care is essential for senior realtors to understand and be prepared to work with an extensive list of other professionals that focus on senior issues and senior care. These can include using the services of elder-law attorneys, financial advisors, senior move managers, estate sales companies, professional organizers, and social workers.

The Clientele for Senior Realtor Specialists in Tucson

Senior realtors typically serve seniors age 50 and older as well as meeting the needs of their families. The seniors may be new to retirement or still working full-time outside the home at the height of their careers. Some seniors may need the services of a senior realtor due to health issues or the death of a spouse.

When to Use a Senior Realtor Professional

A senior realtor can be useful even before you have decided to sell your current home. An agent can contact companies to install senior-friendly accessories such as safety rails, walk-in tubs, and wheelchair ramps. Before you list your home on the market, a senior realtor can also offer suggestions of ways to attract more buyers. These suggestions can include renovations and decorating tips.

The agent will walk you through the entire process and recommend other products and services to make life easier or to benefit your long-term goals; recommendations can include senior movers to pack your belongings or a reverse mortgage to use the equity in your home to finance your long-term care.

Where to Find Senior Realtor Professionals in Tucson

You can find CSHPs in Arizona through the CSHP directory. The directory currently lists five agents with their contact information and website link.

The SRES, a nationally recognized designation, features a database that lists 59 senior realtors in Tucson. These agents are from such firms as Keller Williams, Long Realty Company, Tierra Antigua Realty, Oracle Land and Homes, Coldwell Banker, Howard Myers, and MacMorran and Associates. The listings provide the contact information for each agent as well as their website link and other designations, such as those agents certified in energy efficiency and sustainability housing and global real estate.

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