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Tucson Senior Movers and Downsizers

Over the years, seniors come to love their family heirlooms, artwork, furniture and other items that are familiar to them. Seniors find comfort in surrounding themselves with the things they love. The thought of parting with certain things makes them feel as though their life is out of sync and that parts of their lives are missing. Senior movers offer a caring and compassion presence while performing a professional service of sorting and packing their things. Most seniors are surprised at how they start to become at ease once the process begins.

Downsizing Doesn’t Have to Mean Moving

The trend in eldercare is moving away from putting seniors in nursing homes and moving towards helping them age in place. Aging in place means more than bringing senior aides into the home to assist the senior. It also means helping them live more comfortably in their own homes. Eldercare helpers and senior care managers know that aging seniors want to remain as independent as they can. Downsizing while they are still live in the home can help substantially. Less furniture and less items means less upkeep, which will help seniors do a bit more on their own.

Senior Organizing and Space Planning

Whether seniors plan to age in place or move to another setting, much work needs to be done. Senior movers are experts at sorting and packing in a swift, but organized way. Once clutter is gone, the senior can more easily access the things they need and the very special things that they love. Senior movers can help rearrange furniture and other items so that seniors’ homes have a nice flow, making it easier for seniors to get around on their own. Senior movers will also do space planning in the new dwelling, as well as unpack and put things away. Some will even change the mailing address.

Tucson Senior Movers

Caring Transitions of Southern Arizona offers a free consultation to help seniors age in place or relocate. This service will organize and sort personal belongings, interview movers, and facilitate the move. They coordinate the change of address with Social Security, post office, and utility companies, which can be difficult tasks for seniors to do on their own. They will also clean the senior’s home and manage estate sales.

AZ Off Duty Movers is a moving company that is owned by firemen. Movers approach moving seniors in an individualized manner. AZ offers local or long-distance moving. Workers will pack up the whole household, wrapping fragile items carefully. They move all items large and small. The service provides free quotes that are affordable. The company prides itself on being reliable. AZ challenges itself to be innovative and forward thinking.

Two Men and a Truck has a team of professional movers that gives free estimates. Services include partial or complete packing, The service prides itself on treating seniors the way they’d want their grandmothers to be treated. They established their own rules and best practices. Two Men and a Truck has a goal of providing quality service and a personal touch.

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