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Tucson Concierge Services

One of the origins of the word, concierge, comes from the French words, comte des cierges, which means “count of candles.” This was the title give to the person that was responsible for maintaining the lighting and cleanliness of medieval palaces. It’s not hard to imagine the enormity of the many small tasks that needed to be completed to clean an entire palace. Today, concierge services manage all those tasks that are too much for seniors to successfully perform on their own. Here are some of the helpful concierge services in the Tucson area.

Peace of Mind Services sends workers out to help with dropping off and picking up prescriptions, dry cleaning, packages, groceries, pets for grooming, video rentals, film, tickets, party supplies, items for repair, bill payments, library materials, food delivery, and document delivery. They also do personal and gift shopping, address cards and letters, do banking, return merchandise, and provide transportation.

The Red Rose provides personalized services such as grocery shopping, running errands, transportation, pet sitting, companion care, party service, meal preparation, moving and packing services, and house sitting.

E Dental Solutions is a unique concierge service that combines general concierge services with cosmetic dentistry. The practice is in partnership with several top hotels in Tucson and they will gladly make reservations for their patients. They will also arrange transportation to and from the airport, set up a rental car, or arrange for tickets for cultural, sporting or entertainment events. The service also provides many cosmetic dental services for a great smile.

Jewish Tucson Concierge helps Tucson’s residents connect with the Jewish community in Tucson. The service provides information on community services, helps with problems and crises, arranges for classes, finds synagogue services, and provides volunteer opportunities.

Tanque Verde Internal Medicine is a medical concierge service that includes a free initial consultation, wellness and prevention program, extended appointments, direct access to the physician any time of day or night, physician-to-physician specialty referrals, complimentary enrollment for children ages 17-26, home visits, and electronic medical records. Patients can get appointments the same day or the next day.

Ironwood Dermatology offers concierge services to a select number of their patients. Concierge customers can get an annual skin cancer screening, cosmetic consultation, skin rejuvenation, Botox injections, spider vein treatments, treatments for aging spots, hair laser treatments, and skin peels.

Mercury Delivery Service does many of the services for seniors that take a lot of time, such as going to the bank, post office, library, dry cleaners, pharmacy, restaurants, florist, auto repair shop, grocery store, gift stores, and holiday shopping. They also do personal shopping, photocopying, faxing, and scanning.

Tucson has services for seniors who have business needs, pet needs, personal needs, and help with maintaining the interior or exteriors of their homes.

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