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Medicaid in Tucson

In Tucson, AZ, Medicaid is a jointly funded State-Federal health care program for those who meet the financial requirements. When approved, Medicaid will cover the cost of care for acute medical needs, long-term care in a nursing home, at-home care, and rehabilitation. There are also quite a few community-based programs, which include adult day care and help with local transportation to get to medical-related appointments. Thousands of people in the city already receive this assistance and for seniors who may believe they are eligible, learning about how to apply and benefits offered is essential.

What are the requirements to receive Medicaid in Tucson?

The main requirements associated with receiving Medicaid in Tucson is being over the age of 65 and having limited assets. Currently, the asset limit is $2,000. This excludes a senior’s vehicle and home. In the past, seniors would often give away their assets to be approved for this coverage. However, note that the government will now look about five years into the past to review assets the senior owned.

Assistance to provide help with a Medicaid application

Applying for Medicaid in Tucson can be complex, this is why it is a good idea to seek assistance. There are several community resources that can be used to help apply for coverage or file a claim. Some of the services available include: Medicare & Medicaid Services – 800-663-4227 Medicare Rights Center in Arizona – – compare nursing home service and availability in Arizona

Additional resources and services are found by contacting the local DCF office or by asking a provider of Medicare services. Another resource to call for assistance is ALTCS or Arizona Long Term Care System. Information about this service is located on the Medicaid website.

Coverage offered by Medicaid in Tucson

The benefits a senior receives will be based on the care environment where they live. For example, nursing home residents will receive more support and care than seniors who are living at home or in an assisted living location. In additional to basic medical care, seniors in Tucson who receive Medicaid can receive the following care, as well:

Transportation assistance Adult day care Respite care Behavioral care Personal emergency response services Care coordination assistance Personal care Home health care Meal preparation and delivery Home modifications Housekeeping Home nursing Hospice care Homemaker services

Getting around with the help of Medicaid in Tucson

Find your local Area Agency on Aging office to learn about transportation providers in the local area. These services are intended to help seniors get around in the community. There are some services that even provide door to door transportation for the elderly in mini-buses or vans that can accommodate walkers, wheelchairs, and other devices. More information can be found by contacting the Division of Aging and Community Services at (602)542-4446.

Another resource to use is the Arizona Transit Association, which is a nonprofit organization that operates throughout the state to improve transportation in Arizona.

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